Monday, August 1, 2011

Hi, It's me again. (: (From 7/25/2011)


    I hear (most of) you are headed out to New Mexico!!!  How fun!  We have the best family ever.  I hope everyone has a good time.  I have nothing to worry about..of course it will be a blast.  Don't forget to take a few pictures to share with me when I come home.  (I'm sure Amy will be alllll over that!) 

    This week has been hot, busy, fun, scary, hard...PERFECT.  This life of mine is so good.  It is amazing how this place has turned in to my home.  Perhaps I will not be able to explain in a way that makes sense.  Driving on the highways, through the towns, is normal.  It is all familiar.  This is exactly where I need to be. 

     The other day, Sister Hansen and I had a....funny?...experience.  Last Thursday we visited a member couple in Fairport Harbor which is the furthest point of our area.  It takes about 30 minutes to drive there from where we live.  Anyways, we had an hour in between our appointment with the McClellan's (I wonder if there is any relation?  There are a TON of McClellan's in the area) and our dinner appointment with no real potential of teaching anyone in the area.  So...the night before we had planned to go talk with people at Headland's BEACH!  Now, I had never actually driven by this beach...and neither had Sister Hansen.  In my mind, I imagined not very many people there for some reason.  WRONG.  We pull in the parking lot and there is a huge parking lot full of cars, umbrellas all along the beach, picnics and volleyballs and lalalallalal....I was freaking out.  Seriously, petrified.  And partially summersick.  It may sound silly...but my little eyes started to fill up with water because I was so nervous.  I did not know how I was going to walk this place and talk to people.  We prayed.  Hopped out of the car.  And started talking to people.  The first woman we talked with, Cherise, was super nice.  She was there with her husband and two little kids.  After talking for a couple of minutes she accepted for missionaries to come and talk with her more.  Hello, God send.  Thank you for answering our prayers.  Not all conversations were as pleasant...but we did it.  Heavenly Father gave us the strength to step outside of our comfort zone to share this true message with the people at Headland's Beach.  The hour FLEW by.  With sand in our shoes and sick sweaty hair, we headed to dinner. (:  Which was delicious in case you were curious.

    The rest of the week was full of lessons, tours, phone calls, companion exchanges (yes, plural...i missed Sister Hansen ), Pioneer DAy picnic, church, and I'm sure other things that I am leaving out. 

     Well...Life is good.

You are loved.


Sister Spring