Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nirvana and Marijuana (legal)

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Nirvana and Marijuana (legal)

Allow me to expand.
          A couple of weeks ago Sister Hansen and I had twenty minutes before our dinner appointment so we knocked doors in a near-by neighborhood.  We met "V".  Early 20's.  Buddhist.  From Sri Lanka. Friendly.  In town for three weeks.  He invited us back.  He is a self-proclaimed truth searcher.  There are parts of Buddhism that he questions.  There are parts of Christianity that he questions.  And he realllllly wants answers.  We spent the next hour understanding, or trying to understand, the beliefs he has developed in his life thus far.  He explained reincarnation, Nirvana, Karma, Buddha, the four noble truths, and a lot more that I am still attempting to comprehend.  This guy is a thinker.  I loved helping him understand who God is to me.  My Heavenly Father.  The Father of our Spirits.  He asked us to come back.  So we will see him again on Thursday.  (awkward story:  There was a fly at Ven's house that he kept distracting him.  He mentioned a few times..."gosh, that fly...it's driving me crazy....".  So, genius me, decided I would try to clap it between my hands.  "We don't kill in this house."  Yea, reincarnation...duh....I felt so uncomfortable.  For approximately 7 seconds.)
          This week we were planning to teach "Brother D" about the role of prophets and the health code (the Word of Wisdom) that our Heavenly Father has given us through a prophet to take care of our bodies.  To be baptized, he must live this commandment.  We knew there may be some concerns for him.  And there were.  Not really what we had anticipated though.  While we are sitting there on the couch waiting for his son-in-law (Brother H.) to get home, he tells us how he quit smoking and drinking coffee a few days before because he had convictions from God to do so.  (side note:  About 6 weeks ago,"Brother D" was at a breaking point.  He "fell to his knees" and pleaded with God to help him find somewhere to live and to find him a church.  He promised God that he would do whatever he asked of him.  He knows God answered his prayer...so he is keeping his part.  This man is so dedicated.)  Anyways, Brother H had talked with him earlier that week about the Word of Wisdom so he changed.  He just did it.  I do not know how...he just knew he needed to because of his convictions.  One teeny, tiny little hold up.  Legal Weed.  Honestly, I am not quite sure the exact components of said substance.  Not important.  "Brother D" said he had not had a conviction yet that he needed to give up legal weed.  He chose to give it up when he quit smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee, but he was still a little hesitant.  We spent the next little while discovering together why we should not rely on these substances.  At the end of the lesson, humble "Brother D" knew he needed to change.  He understood that this substance was restricting him from being his best self...well, from being himself at all.  It altered his mentality.  I love "Brother D".  It is truly special to be a part of his life.  and his family, too.  (Another side note:  "Brother D" grew up in Austin.  Fancy that.)
        I am at a different library this week...one that gives us a time limit...you guessed it...time is up.
        I love you.  I love you. I love you!!!!!
        Thank you so much for the package, Mama.  AND thank you Sister Smith and the YSA in the Highland Village ward for my package and cards.(:  Everyone is way too good to me!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I am so happy.  This place is incredible!!!!!
                  Sister Spring

(Note From Mama Spring: No pictures again this week.  I hope you enjoy a glimpse of her growing up years)

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