Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hard does not equal bad

This week was, as the subject implies, hard.

Sister Hansen and I after a very rainy night in Ohio. 
Ohio has nice thunderstorms like the good ole TX
We were exhausted.  Mentally and physically.  Our list of “things to-do” seemed to be ever growing and our minds continually filled with more situations that created constant worry.  With our responsibilities over the Sisters at the Visitors’ Center, we end up knowing a lot more than I would like to know.  This week we were stressing for an event at the sites; A Musical Fireside with speakers and musical numbers intermixed to hopefully create an environment of learning for those that the missionaries are teaching.  We had to rearrange the sites schedule at least six times this week…and that is not an exaggeration.  Plus, many Sisters are struggling right now so we have been mulling over what we can do for them with no progress in that sphere.  Add that to the stress of figuring out how to help those we are teaching…and you get one hard (and GOOD) week.   Oh, if only you could have been in the car with Sister Hansen and I at times this week.  You would think we were two loony Sisters.  Our brains would shut down and the things we were saying were senseless.  It is interesting what a whole lot of stress can do.

Sister Hansen and I with a woman we are teaching.  She is incredible. 

The fireside was incredible.  Our theme was commandments.  During the fireside, we discovered our relationship with God, the need for commandments, how we are given commandments, and the blessings that come as we keep the commandments.  Sweet, little Jordan Jones shared her experience the past eight months.  She recognizes the changes in her life as she follows the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Her happiness is real and pure; a happiness she has never felt before.  I understand her feelings of change.  Perhaps you have seen my happiness level increase as I have changed.  I know, one hundred percent, that the reason I am happy is because I am doing my best to do what God wants me to do.  Of course, I am not perfect.  Not even close.  Thank goodness for repentance.  Sister McAlister sang at the fireside.  I LOVE SEEING HER!!!!!!!!  And her voice is perfect.  She would sing all the time when we were companions.  I could never get enough of it, either.  Her confidence in Christ’s reality is so apparent in everything that she does and says.
 Jordan comes teaching with us ALL the time.  I love it!  She loves it, too!
Last Wednesday, Sister Hansen and I participated in another companion exchange.  I went to Ravenna with Sister Webb (a fellow Texan).  This Sister is incredible.  I know I say that about every Sister but I learn so much from them all.  As you know, I tend to be a complaining hypochondriac.  (For the record, that flaw of mine is improving…slowly. ) Anyways, Sister Webb is such a hard worker.  She has some pretty serious allergies that have effected her health but she pushes through it.  WITH a smile.  Sister Hansen is a good teacher in that category as well.  Heavenly Father is so aware of me.  And you, too.  He knows exactly who I need to be with in order to grow and develop in to the best me possible.
Sister Webb and I
Well....because of exhaustion…Sister Hansen and I have dedicated this Preparation Day to nothing but SLEEP!  Elder and Sister Edman, the Visitors’ Center director and wife, have given us reign over their home.  Right now, our letter writing materials are sprawled across their living room.  It almost feels like we have taken a day off to be at Grand-ma and Grand-pa’s house.  This temporary seclusion is exactly what we both need.  So nap we will.
      I love love love love love you! 
                      Sister Spring
Last night….DONE!