Thursday, April 28, 2011


I had a wonderful Easter.....I hope you all did as well. From Mom and Dad's e-mails it sounds like the four of you at home had a good day celebrating Easter and their wedding anniversary! Double Whammy.
Uncle Joe and Aunt Gwen...THANK YOU for the Easter card and goodies.

You are tooooo kind to me. You, too, Mom and Dad...T-H-A-N-K YOU!

Yesterday was fun. At 7:30 in the morning, we went to the Community of Christ "Sunrise Service" at the Kirtland Temple.

Straight from there we drove down to our church. The meetings were nice. I always love celebrating the Resurrection of Christ. One woman we have been teaching for 6 or so weeks finally came to church yesterday! It was so good to see her there...Unfortunately, her social anxieties inhibited her from having a good experience. She is such a sweet woman. Mom, I think you would really like her. Well, all of you would...obviously. But mom's personality would be perfect for her. Hopefully I have picked up on a few of you character traits that will help her.

After church we were at the Visitors' Center for a couple of hours. We had a good sized tour come in: A family of six from PA. A son came with his parents from CA. And couple of "older" sisters came in with their hunny's from ID (Idaho). I love my life. We met with the Jones family yesterday (of course). Brother Jones gave us a fair warning at church informing us that the kids received some silly string in their Easter Baskets and they had planned to attack upon our arrival that evening. Well, we happened to have a can of silly string in our basement.....??? Good thing. As we were walking up the path to the front door, the kids bolted out firing their harmless ammo. They were soooo surprised when Sister Manwaring retaliated. It was a fun five minute war. We stopped by a few people and were able to talk with Nancy for a little bit. Then we headed back to the sites for a dinner with all of the sites Sisters and Senior Couples. I am so spoiled.

Every Tuesday, we meet with our "district." In our district there are four sets of missionaries, including us. We counsel together about our missionary work and ways we can improve. Well, last Tuesday Sister Andersen and Sister Houston (serving in Hiram) shared such a sweet story. They are teaching a woman and her young daughter...she is 10 or 11ish...I forget. I do not remember too much of the setting nor what led up to this point of the conversation but they were talking about God and our relationship with Him as His children.

Mom-"Would you want me to believe in you?"

Daughter-"Well.....Yea." *said in a sarcastic "isn't that obvious" tone* Mom-"Why?"

Daughter-"Because I am your daughter..."

It is similar with our Heavenly Father. Why do we believe in Him? Why do we believe in His power and His love and His mercy and His way? Because He is our Father.

I believe in all of you, too. ;) Y'all are great. Thanks for all you do for me and for everyone around you.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXO

Sister Spring PS...Sister Manwaring left her connecting device at the pictures.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Seth and Monique!!!!!!!

Helllllllo family.

This week was a happy week. (Of course.) To expand a little on that, Seth and Monique were baptized on Saturday!! I have spoken of them a couple of times. Young couple. 6 month old son. In high school. Friends with a youth in my ward. They are so amazing. At their baptism Saturday, they were radiating happiness. I have seen their hearts change as they have made little changes to follow Christ.

Seth and Monique!!!

Seth and Monique.
Charlie (their friend that baptized them)...Sister Manwaring and I.
That's what brings happiness. I see it in them. I see it in the Jones. I have seen it in myself. You all know I have never been the perfect example of leading a Christlike life..In fact, I have failed tremendously at being an example of that...but I have seen the happiness that comes as I have humbled myself to change. I repeatedly see that in the lives of and at home. Thank goodness for the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
I am obsessed with Seth and Monique. They are amazing. Always so willing to follow Christ. Hopefully you will all get to meet them some day. (:

Thursday about 12 of the Sisters went to the Historic Society near Kirtland to prepare for Pioneer School! Basically it is an interactive field trip for elementary aged kids to see what life was like on the Ohio Frontier in the early 1800's. There is a school house, a cabin, and a big warehouse where the kids get to make candles. That is our job. Each year the Kirtland Sisters volunteer (or are volunteered?) to operate the candle making station. We were there for training....tough job, let me tell you. Take the wick. Put it on your index finger. Dip in the wax. Then dip in the cold water.

Dip in the wax. Dip in the cold water. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. It will be fun to work the children. After we were schooled in candle making, we took a tour of the historical society's building. It used to be community housing for the homeless and the mental. Interesting tour. Slightly creepy, too. And I broke my camera. And Sister Manwarings. While in the erie jail cell area. Sweet. (:

Fortunately, Sister Manwaring has two will still accompany the emails. ;) That's what companions are for..

Well, things are still going well. It is quite an adventure being here. Every day is an emotional roller coaster. I am learning how to cope with myself basically. Long process...but I am getting there. I looooove being here and learning about my Heavenly Father each day. You are all AMAZING! I love you!!!!


Sister Spring

Monday April 14, 2011 delayed post(Mom thought she didn't get an email)

.....Well, I guess for your enjoyment I will update you on my life.

(Yes, Stephen, I realize this is narcissistical on my end....Is that a real word?..probably understand what I am saying though)

Yesterday Sister Manwaring and I had an appointment at the Jones home.
Upon arrival we were informed that Polly and Jordan were not home, leaving the men of the house there. Well, as Sisters, we are instructed not to be in a home with just men. So...we opted to do some planning on the hammock in their back yard until they arrived home. Joey brought us flavored water. It was wonderful. and eighty degrees. (:

For some reason I am really struggling to compose an e-mail today. Sister Manwaring has insisted that I at least have to share one story.
Here it is:
Once upon a time I was serving with a Sister by the name of McAlister...remember her? Yea, me too. One day Sister McAlister and I received a text message from Church Headquarters saying that Scot Abercrombie would like to receive a copy of the Finding Faith in Christ DVD. "Awesome," we thought. While Sister McAlister was driving, I made a phone call to the previously mentioned man. Scot answered. I made my introduction and explained that we would like to set up a time to come visit to bring the DVD/share a message of Christ and His restored church. Scot informed me that he had just moved in to the area and started a new job. His schedule was still a little uncertain. "Call me next week and I should know a time we can meet,"

Scot said. So I did. He did not answer. So we called again a week or so later....He did not answer. Well, we finally decided to stop by his house to give him the gift. Turns out, his house number did not exist. Quite unfortunate. We called a few times over the next two months. That was the end of Scot...Sike.

Two weeks ago Sister Manwaring and I decided to knock doors on the street that Scot lives on...or at least the street that was included in his false address. I had semi-forgotten about the earlier experience with Scot. The street was conveniently near an appointment we had that we tracted Lincoln Ave. About half way through the street we are standing on a porch when we see a man get out of his truck.

us: "Do you live here?"

him: "Maybe..."

us: ..awkward giggle..."Well...we just knocked on your door.

Perfect timing! What is your name?"

him: "Scot."

us: "Nice to meet you, Scot. We are missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints..." And we talked for a few minutes.

We left the conversation with no intentions of ever seeing this Scot man again. He was not to enthralled with our meeting.

Then, we get to the next home and I realize that I am an idiot!

That was Scot Abercrombie! So we return to his house and I explain myself...again. Then, I establish that I am the one who spoke with him a few months ago....

All I am saying is the Lord is truly working in each of our lives.

These incidents are not merely coincidence. There is no way.

Sometimes I may overlook the little miracles that happen in my every day. I am working on it though. I notice that the more I look, the more I find theLord's hands in my life. The more I look the more I realize that Heavenly Father is watching out for me. I know He is watching out for each of you, too....We just have to look sometimes.


Daddy, yesterday we were driving through downtown Willoughby and there was a motorcycle gathering of sorts. I thought of you...and Kevin! Y'all would have loved it. The weather was P.E.R.F.E.C.T too.

Well....that is all.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Spring

Meet the Dalton's.  They are from Colorado.  I love them.  They went home on Friday. ):

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I love my life

(Note from Sister Spring's mom:  there are 2 weeks of posts this week.  March 27th post was added today.)

Hello Family! Mom and Dad sent me some pictures in their e-mails this week from the celebration...Looks like a good time! We have the best family. (: Good job keeping it a surprise, Grand-ma! (: 
Well, another week has passed by. I honestly do not understand time. It goes much too quickly. This place has become so special to me. At a meeting a couple of weeks ago, our sites director, Elder Edman, was relating an experience he had a few years back. I want to share it with you. Elder and Sister Edman served as the President at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah for a time. There hundreds of new missionaries come each week, and each week hundreds of missionaries depart to their various locations across the world. On one occassion an Apostle and two of his guests came to tour the campus. These guests were women who were very influential in the religious world (I am not sure of their religious denomination..or if they even associated with a certain sect). Elder Edman remembered that they were even on first name terms with the Pope. As this small group was meeting in a room prior to the campus tour, the conversation turned to how these missionaries received an assigned place to serve.  One of the women, a little startled by this information, said, "You mean to tell me they prepare and go through all of this and they do not even choose where they go?" The Apostle humbly responded, "A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend a few hours placing a couple hundred missionaries in their assigned location. I did not guess on one of those." I have heard various Apostles relay similar experiences and each time it is a subtle reminder that I am where I need to be. You know stubborn me...I need all the reminders I can get.

It is interesting to think about this process of being called on a mission. These men pray and seek direction from Heavenly Father and place each missionary in the exact mission that they need to serve in.

Perhaps not the one desired by each missionary. Take me, for example. I had two rather specific conditions with Heavenly Father as I accepted His answer to me that I needed to serve a mission. In my mind, and probably vocally a few times, I stated to Heavenly Father, "Okay...I will go on a mission. Just don't send me somewhere cold.  And preferrably not a Visitors' Center." As I have placed my trust in Heavenly Father's decision for me to be here in Ohio, I have found so much happiness. I often reflect on the phrase I heard numerous times from you, Mom and Dad..."Let go and let God." I truly know this is exactly where I need be...with the people I need to be with. He is in charge. (:

Here is a picture of the Kirtland Temple.  Sorry for the delay...I do see it everyday.  This was two Sunday's ago at the Temple dedication anniversary.
  Now to counteract my lack of enthusiasm for the Vistors' Center call in the begginning, let me recount a couple experiences from the last two weeks at the Kirtland Visitors' Center, a place I now LOVE. My duties at the VC primarily revolves around three tasks. 1) Take people on tour of the historic buildings on the sites. 2) Call people all across the world and invite them to learn more about the gospel.

The people we call are people that visitors who came on tour leave for us to call. 3) Answer in-coming phonecalls of people who want to receive a free Bible, Book of Mormon, Finding Faith in Christ DVD, to meet with missionaries...etc. Each of these tasks have required me to stretch a bit outside of my "comfort zone". However, each one of these tasks I have learned to love...most days at least. (: Here are some stories to demonstrate a little bit of what these entail.

1) Tour-Well, how about I just tell you a little about what we do on tour.

As the visitors arrive we greet them and begin the tour in a room with a photo story of the early events in the Restoration. We watch a film about Kirtland. Then comes the fun. There are four different buildings that we usually go through: The Whitney Store, the Whitney Home, the Sawmill, and the Ashery. It is amazing how each tour is different. While we generally relate most of the same information, each is different because the tour is not merely a tour of stories and artifacts. We have an opportunity to share personal experiences and share testimony. Even at the Sawmill...It is incredible. Anyways, I love my life. Some fun tours that we have taken in the past couple weeks...A family of eleven (Emily, Mashaela, Abbi, Crystal, Lizzy, Katie, Cassie, Eric, Braelen, Mom, and Dad), Kilee and Jolan, two deaf women, and a group of about 15 youth visiting from Canada. Just to name a few.

2) Out-going calls. We talk with a lot of people in various countries with different personalities and situations. It was, and still is, pretty scary to me. But I see the miracles happen. One that comes to mind is a young man named Fumil Jalal. I can not remember the friend who left his name but I do know I was a little nervous to call him.

Sometimes I feel invasive. Sometimes I worry I will not have the right words to say. Sometimes I fear rejection. Ultimately, I find confidence as I "Let go and let God." (: The phone call with him was very enjoyable. Excitedly, he accepted the invitation to learn more about Christ through receiving a copy of the Book of Mormon and a visit from the missionaries. I told him I would call in a few weeks to make sure he was able to meet the missionaries and ask how it went.

Well, I called him this week to follow-up. It was a wonderful conversation that lasted approximately thirty minutes. It was much more personal than the first encounter which led to learning a lot about this boy's story.He currently resides in California, but his story begins in Pakistan. He was raised in a Christian family. This did not bring for the most pleasant upbringing. He shared with me the trials he faced daily. One of which was on his trek home from school.

Each day he chose which street he would walk down, knowing that it did not matter because persecution waited on each of them. Other students would beat him up because of his faith in Christ. Through that trial, amongst others, his faith was strengthened in Christ.

Well, his family has been meeting with missionaries and reading from the Book of Mormon. He loves it. Anyways, I love being able to learn from different peoples experiences.

3)Incoming. Here is one conversation I truly loved, paraphrased of course....

Me- "Hello, this is Elizabeth with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. How can I help you?"
Other Line- *silence*
Me- "Hello?.....Hi....Hello?"
Other Line- (quietly speaking...) "Hi...Movie....Jesus"
Me- " want the movie about Jesus?"
Other Line- "...yuh..."
Me- (starting to realize that this is probably a child.) Alright, well, what is your name?"
Other Line- (mumbled) "fdjh---ice)
Me- "Pardon? Will you say that one more time for me?"
Other Line- "djhfj-ice"
Me- "Will you spell it for me?"
Other Line- "M-a---r------(struggling to spell his name)...Well, you can just have my 'real' name...Man Man...m-a-n-m-a-n."
Me- (fully confident that Man Man is indeed a child) "Alright Man Man...Is your mom or dad there?"
Other Line- "yuh...let me get him...."
It was a lot funnier in real life. Perhaps I should have saved that one to tell in person. Oops!

I GOT MY "LICENSE" THIS WEEK!!! Finally.  Before being able to drive as a missionary, at least in the Ohio Cleveland Mission, we have to complete packets during our personal and companion studies.  These packets include Role Plays, reading scriptures, journal entries, and various other things.  After completion we then receive our "Tiwi" card in the mail.  Tiwi is a program installed in each of our mission vehicles that monitors our driving.  It warns when we are speeding, driving aggressively, not wearing our seatbelt..etc.
 Anyways, those are some of the things I do at sites. I have the best life EVER!!!!!! (: Sorry for writing a novel....It happens sometimes.

Polly Jones and I.  Joey allllways makes us yummy treats!  Sister Jones and I ate the corners in honor of Sister McAlister (those were her favorites)
 I hope this finds everyone doing well. I LOVE YOU!!!
Sister Spring

Sister Spring's Grandpa Aimo turned 80 on April 1.  She wrote her good friend Amy and asked her to be "Elizabeth" for the party.  Amy is a good friend of the family also, and knows Sis. Spring's Grandparents quite well.  I thought you all might enjoy these photos.  Thank you Amy!  You are a very good sport!!  Brittie Spring (aka "Mom")

GOOD NEWS!! (Received 3/28/2011)

Hellllo my sweet family!

Well, this week is transfers, yet again! I truly can not believe how fast time is flying. Sister Manwaring and I were both convinced that I would be leaving Kirtland this transfer....turns out....WE ARE BOTH STAYING!!!!! (: I am so happy that I get to spend another six weeks with her. We get along so well. We work well together. We help each other be better. It's just a good fit. (: At least six more weeks in Kirtland....YAYY!!!!!!! By the end of this transfer it should be warm, too. That's weird. I can not imagine it being warm here...

East Cleveland District...Transfer Number 3.
I had some things I wanted to tell you about but I forgot my planner in the car (forgetfulness...still a trait of mine) which contains the list of happenings I thought you might find interesting.  Oops.

This weekend was so great. Saturday was Jason's baptism. It started off a littttttle stressful because we could not find a jumpsuit to fit him...have no fear. We improvised. There were soooo many people there. He shared with everyone at the baptism his testimony, too. As he was telling his story, (he didn't believe in God, found it his own way, doesn't know why it took him 32 years...etc) he suddenly said, "I guess all I can really say is...'I know this church is true. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.'" I think it caught us all a little off guard because we were anticipating the rest of the story....but it was perfect.

Danielle and Jason Peterson....and baby Lucy!!!
Yesterday was a celebration of sorts at the Kirtland Temple marking the 175th year since its dedication. Sister Manwaring and I went to the event at temple on Sunday morning at 7 in the morning. It was marvelous. We were gathered with many other people to be reminded of the miracles that happened in that place. Our mission president spoke. He is such a good man (obviously)....

Last Monday the local news did a segment on the Visitors Center so we broke the rules and watched TV....with approval of our Sites Director,
 Life is good. There were many sunny days the past week. I love being out here helping people learn of Christ and our Heavenly Father!

Hey, family....HAVE FUN THIS WEEKEND celebrating two of my main mens birth. Take some pictures for me, too. (: Happy birthday, Grand-pa and Stephen! I love you BOTH!

Sister Spring