Monday, August 1, 2011


Hola familia.
I really do not feel like using my brain right now.  It is a nice rainy (and hailing) day.  Because of my non-functioning brain, I, again, will resort to pictures to help me a long the way.
Sister Lyman, me, Sister Bringhurst, Sister Bills, Sister Hansen, and Sister Manwaring. We had a picnic a couple of weeks ago with all of the Sisters and Seniors. It ended in a chaotic water balloon fight. Here is the outcome. (Sister Lyman is the only Sister that I do not live with right now.)

Brother Allred, Sister Allred, Sister Hansen, me, and Sandra Barwick. This picture has two parts to it. Part one-Sister Allred. She is in the General Relief Society Presidency. Last Tuesday she and her husband came in to sites for a tour. The lucky guides? You got! Part two-Sandra Barwick. We recently started a neat program for the 16, 17, and 18 year old young women in the stake. They designate part of their day or a full day to come in and "shadow" the Sisters. It has been a really neat experience for me...and for them!

 Back: Me, Sister Hansen, Elder Martinez (who goes home this week...weird! He has been in my district for sixish months), Elder Prince. Front: Sister Morrell, Sister Houston, Sister Mayer, and Sister Carver. East Cleveland District. Another transfer?!? Seriously?? Time is cruising along. There are not many changes happening with the companionships this transfer. In fact, there is only one change. A new Sister is coming! Yay. Sister Houston will be her trainer. So Sister Morrell will be transferred. And that is all. Crazy! 

Sister companion for a day. (: This is the phone room...where we make phone calls. My time in the phone room has been sparse the past couple of weeks with tours and planning and all of the million little things to prepare for at sites.

Sister Hansen and I love milkshakes. So we have decided to break-up with them. Sad day. But it will be for the best.

Hopefully this wasn't too boring.

Just know, as always, I am happy.  Daddy sent me some pictures of the family reunion...everyone looks SO grown up.  Especially Maddie and Micah!! Oh my GOSH!  So crazy.  I love you!!!


Sister Spring