Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hello my sweet family!

I hope everyone is doing well. It has been a good week...difficult for me personally (just being honest)...but an amazing week still here in the Ohio. Let me tell you a little bit about it. (:

Well, Jason is still preparing for baptism. Everything is set up for him to be baptized this Saturday at four. It is truly amazing to be a part of his life. My favorite thing about being on a mission is definitely the people. Perhaps you already know this, but I love people. I love learning about people and how they live. I love seeing how people think. We are all different...and thank goodness for that.

The other day we were at the home of a woman named Bonnie. I love Bonnie. She is 50 something...Roman Catholic...owner of a Doberman (Max)...slightly depressed...and a sweet, sweet woman. This woman is so selfless and caring. That is another thing I love about people; simply the opportunity to learn from their examples. Well, as we were talking the other day in her living room, I was petting Max. (I miss the pups!! Give them a hug for me!) Next thing I know this HUGE Doberman is sitting on my lap! Oh my goodness I have never seen a lap dog with such large stature. I couldn't help but laugh. And, of course, I loved it!

Another semi-funny story. This weather has been funky. Spring is on its way but is playing a little "hard to get." It will snow six or so inches...then the sun will come out and it will be fairly warm.

Well, a couple of days ago we were walking to the car and the sun was shining. There were not any clouds for as far as I could see. We hop in the car and I exclaim, "Gosh, Sister Manwaring, it is such a warm day!!! (:"...Curiousity hit me and I desired to know the temperature.

I leaned over to look at the outside temperature...THIRTY SEVEN!?

Seriously...who am I?

Well, not too much to report. I'm happy and healthy so don't fret. Make it a great week and always remember that I LOVE YOU!!! (:

Sister Spring pictures...Sowwwwy ;)

(This is Sister Spring's mom.  I'm posting a couple pictures she sent us from winter)

Santa's Helpers

Mission President ....Patient Mission President!

Monday, March 14, 2011

hello, hello again. (:

Dearest famfam,

Hello!!! I hope everyone had as wonderful of a week as I did. (:

So many miracles to tell about. I will relay one for now. Perhaps the others will unfold in later e-mail's.

Wellllll, let me start from the beginning. Probably not the real beginning, but the beginning that where I come in at least. Back in late December Sister McAlister and I stopped by a home of a member in the ward who I had not met in my time here in Kirtland. Her name? Danielle Peterson. Sweet, sweet, sweet woman. Married to Jason (not a member of the church). Danielle and Jason have been married for 6 years and dated for 4 or so years before this. (These facts are based on my memory so there could be some error in the statement but you get the general idea...they have been around each other for a while...) Six months ago they had their first baby. A daughter...named Lucy! She is SO cute. (I say that about all babies...but it is true!) Anyways, we stopped by. Talked briefly. Lucy cried. We left. That was my first and only meeting of the Peterson's before this week. So three Saturdays ago (February 26) Sister Manwaring and I were discussing our hair and the need for a trim. I am not sure how or why I knew this, but I knew Danielle cut hair from her home. We called her to set up a time to go over there on one of our P-Days and that was the end of that conversation. The next day (February 27) Jason and Danielle and Lucy were at church. The next week (March 6) they were at church, too! At the following day (March 7) was our appointment with Danielle. Hopefully we are all on the same page I am throwing around a lot of details that probably are not too important. After Danielle had cut our hair, we asked Jason and Danielle if there was a time we could come back and talk with them. That is when Jason expressed his desire to meet with us, hear the lessons (as a formality) and be baptized. Sister Manwaring and I were slightly awestruck...but not nearly as shocked as sweet Danielle. It was apparent that this was an answer to her prayers. They invited us to sit down in there living room for a bit while Jason shared his experience. You see, Jason has been around Danielle and her LDS family for approximately a decade now. He is very very VERY familiar with the teachings. He knows about Heavenly Father and his plan for us. He knows that through Joseph Smith, Heavenly Father again began to communicate with the world through prophets. He knows about temples. He knows these things, and has known them for a while. But these "blanket" statements never had any significance to him because he did not believe in God. It was not until a couple of months ago that he had an experience with Socrates and Plato that things clicked with him, and he realized that there is a God. As he was reading the ideas of these early philosophers, his logical mind could relate. Something in his mind, like I said, clicked. There are more details that I am leaving out that have led Jason to this realization, details dating back to his middle school years. I learn a lot from Jason and his experience. One thing that I "re-learned"...we all have our different paths on how we come to know God. My path is different than Sister Manwaring's...and Sister Manwaring's is different than Jason's....and Jason's is different than Danielle's...and Danielle's is different than mine. While our paths are different, the truth is the same. We all have a Heavenly Father who loves us! We all have a Heavenly Father that we can pray to...we can talk to....Just like I know I have a father here who loves me and wants to hear from me (Right Daddy?! ) Jason will be baptized March 26...just around the corner. One last comment about Jason. Saturday when we were over at the Peterson's we asked Jason what he desires to get out of meeting with us. His response? "Personal salvation....and to be sealed to my family forever." Melt my heart!

This morning we (all of the sites Sisters and Senior couples) ventured to the Johnson Farm in Hiram. The Johnson's were early members of the church who dedicated much to the Lord during the restoration of the gospel. Like most early Saints, their lives were definitely NOT easy. It was interesting to hear more of their stories today.

In order to save the monthly miles alloted to us, Senior couples drove us to the Johnson Farm...Meet the Steele's (again!)...our lovely chauffer's for the morning.

I love my life. The weather is warming up a bit. It is Spring Break time so there are more people coming in on tours at sites...Hallelujah! As much as I love calling people in the phone room, I would much rather give tours! (:

I love you.


Sister Spring

Remember Sister Carver?  My companion in the MTC?  Well, here she is again.  Look at her cute short hair!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hiiiiiiiiii (:

Dearest Family,

How are you? I hear there were family gatherings of sorts this past week. Dad, how was your dinner at Stephen's with Hunter and Parker? How are those boys doing? Is Hunter still down at school? What's Parker doing? Too many questions? (more to come)

And went to Post? How fun! I hope you gave everyone my love. And, of course, took some pictures to share. How's that side of the Texas family? Any news to report on?

Last Sunday at church, a man (Brother Robison) in the ward shared an experience he had with his youngest son, Ira, a sharp 10-year-old. I hope you do not mind if I share this sweet story with you all. You see, Brother Robison had a few people in mind that he wanted to visit on one particular afternoon and found it a good opportunity to also spend time with his boy. When invited to join his dad on this outing, Ira was not exactly excited. There was a little eyeroll or two...and very slow steps towards the door. By the end of the visit to the last home, Ira was smiling and happy and walking with a bit more enthusiasm. He even asked his dad, "Who else can we go see?" Serving brings happiness. I was reminded of you, Mom and Dad, from this story of Ira and his father. Service is a trait the both of you posses. It is a trait that I admire in each of you. It's a trait I have watched you two, Stephen, Grand-ma and Grand-pa, and, you know, the whole family put in to action. I am grateful for the example that you have set for me. There is a neat video that relays a sweet story of two young boys. One desired to play a little prank..the other decided on an act of service. I think you would all enjoy   it...Will you watch it? It is a good one. I made it easy this time...just click on the link. (:    Click:       Young Boy's Story
So...the Jones were baptized on Saturday. Oh my lanta...what an amazing day. This is such a strong family. I love seeing how the gospel of Jesus Christ truly aids in "making bad men good, and good men better." After the baptism I was talking with Jordan (15 year old daughter) and I asked her how she was feeling. In her sweet, simple Jordan way she replied, "Good...really, really good." I can't wait to tell you alllll about them! Hopefully you can even meet them. They do have family in Plano. (: PERFECT! always...I am sending you all my love!! Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for putting up with me all these years. ;) You're great. I love you.


Sister Spring
We went to an activity with the women of the Church a couple of weeks ago with a girl we are teaching.  Her name is Monique...and I absolutely LOVE her.  (:  Her and her boyfriend, Seth, are preparing to be baptized on April 16. precious are they?!?!

JONES all dressed in white!!!!!  back: Bishop Regovich, Joey, Scott, Polly, Jordan, Carl. front: Sister Manwaring, me, and Sister McALISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I missssss her)

Saturdays ago we went to help the Jones with their chores.  Turns out, they have a fun way of doing chores.  Polly makes a list of the things that need to be done.  Then we play a round of cards.  Game of the night...Uno.  Then, the winner stays at the table to shuffle and deal, while the other participants run around to get a chore done.  So fun...and so much was accomplished as well.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hello there Famfam,

Let me start with a story.

Last Friday we woke up to see lots and lots of snow...and still snow coming out of the sky. Good thing we had a meeting to Cleveland.

We woke up to a flood in our backyard this morning!!! Oh my lanta, lots of water.
The drive which normally takes 35 minutes took us a little over an hour. At this meeting, we were instructed on ways to better ourselves as teachers and to better understand the teachings of Christ with approximately thirty other missionaries and a few of our leaders in the mission, including our Mission President and his wife. Anyways, while at the conference we celebrated the birthdays of missionaries for February and March. The eight or so Sisters and Elders went to the front of the room to retrieve their gifts. One of these Sisters was Sister Manwaring whose birthday is March 8. While doing this they were asked their birthday. Well, when it got to my dear Sister Manwaring she proudly responded "March 5........I mean, birthday is the 8...the Jones are getting baptized on the 5." It was actually really funny. That Jones fam...always on the mind.

Sister Manwaring and I at the Kirtland Library...thirty minutes ago.  I realized I hardly ever send pictures of the two of here you have it.

Speaking of the Jones baptism, I am so excited for them. They are so excited for them. We were over there yesterday afternoon for Reuben (spelling?) Sandwiches and to discuss the logistics of the actually baptismal service. You know, who will speak, which hymns we will sing, who will say the prayers etc....I love that family so much. They are so great. Just to exemplify a little of how great they are, allow me to share an experiece of Jordan, the fifteen year old. She had quite an experience while babysitting for a neighbor friend the other night. After the parents came home, they completely bombarded her with some common rumors about the LDS faith. She came home to her parents and was not shaken in testimony, rather she was upset that she had been ganged up on by two adults she has been taught to respect. That girl...I learn a lot from her.

I will send pictures of their baptism next week!!! (:

I love you all very very very very much. I think of you often and pray for you every day. Keep doing great things out there in Tejas (or Utah Uncle Joe and family...or Arizona...or Arkansas...or wherever you are actually.)

The diet of convenience rather than nutrition


Sister Spring