Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am a child of God


Good morning from the Ohio! (: 

Beautiful day here.  I love my life.

This week was pretttttty good.  Let's be honest, every week is good.

One of my favorite experiences this week happened on Friday night. 

The story begins Thursday night, I guess.  Sister Christian and I were walking through a parking lot and spotted this guy.  So..we walked up to him and talked to him.  Joseph.  High school aged. 17? 18? I don't know.  Naturally, our conversation was about God and led to what is different about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from other sects of Christianity.  He expressed a desire to learn more about The Book of Mormon.  At the end of the lesson, we asked him when we could come back.  He eagerly responded, "Tomorrow...same time."

So you are probably thinking the good experience Friday involves Joseph...wrong.

He stood us up.

BUT we met these angelic little girls playing in the hall way of Joseph's apartment complex as a result.  Taylor (10), Iyona (8), Simone (8), and Javiana (5).  Typically with little kids, I simply give them a card for a Finding Faith in Christ DVD and just ask them to give it to their parents.  These little girls just sucked us right in though.  They had never heard of missionaries.  Once we explained that are role was to teach people more about Jesus Christ, they confessed their desires to have "Jesus classes".  We sang them one of the songs that the children sing at church, "I Am A Child of God."  And asked them if they wanted to ask their parents if we could teach them. There moms said we could come back....Oh my goodness, I wish I could describe how happy these girls were to learn about God.  Little Javiana kept saying as we were leaving, "I'm gonna call you before I go to bed....Don't forget to come back."


And I love my life.

These little children really demonstrate to me what we are taught in the Bible (Matthew 18:3)and The Book of Mormon (Mosiah 3:19)...to become as little children.  That does not mean to become childish (although I have mastered that with my love for The Little Mermaid and Baby Bottle Pops).  Rather our Heavenly Father wants us to be childlike....to acquire the attributes of children.

God is aware of us. I really know that.  I have felt that a lot this past week. (and always.  this week was just extra..you know?)

Anyways, I love you!!!  WAY TOO MUCH.


 Sister Spring

PS.  I left the device to connect pictures...again.  I'm the worst.  LOVE YOU.