Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hopefully everyone is doing well. (:

I am!

It is SO strange to be back in Kirtland.  I am doing my best to jump back in with the Visitors' Center responsibilities (phone calls, tours, chat), but let's just say...I'm a liiiiiitttttlllllle rusty. (:  I do LOVE this place.  Sister Christian (my new companion!) and I had our first tour together (and her first tour ever) on Saturday.  I almost (yes, almost) forgot how happy it makes me to share the events that happened here in Kirtland.  My hope is to someday share these events with YOU!

Speaking of my new companion, do you want to know all about her?
Sister Christian my new companion!

Sister (Katrina) Christian...straight from the Isle of Man.  Ever heard of it?  Yea, me neither.  It is a little island 13 miles by 38 miles...or something like that...in between Ireland and England.  She is the eldest of eight children.  Happy.  Smiley.  and just wants to share the gospel with everyone.  We get along well...at least I think so.  She might have a different opinion.

We went to church yesterday, obviously.  And it was great to be back in the Euclid Ward.  For some reason, Heavenly Father has given me the BEST mission composed of the BEST companions (BEST BEST BEST!!!)...the best areas...the best wards.  I'm just spoiled...but you already knew that. ;)

So, Sister Christian and I are both new to the South Euclid area, and when we got here (and still) there is pretty much nothing going on...yet. 

We phoned a young girl that a couple of Sisters met tracting a few months ago.  She invited us right over.  Treena.  17.  Really precious.  Loves God..but not too much of a religious background.  She has read from the Bible a little here and a little there...so we decided to talk with her about The Book of Mormon.   I have found that the scriptures, The Bible and The Book of Mormon, are from God.  The men who recorded their experiences were chosen by God.  Now we have their records "that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have HOPE." (Romans 15:4)  My favorite word...HOPE!  I love sharing the scriptures with people...and especially with Treena the other day.  The more the conversation progress, the more satisfied she felt.  When she realized that The Book of Mormon could really be from God, she felt hope, too.  Hopefully that makes some sort of sense. 

Anyways, I love you.

Cheerio. ;)

Sister Spring