Thursday, January 19, 2012

Take me back to....EUCLID

South Euclid, that is.

Yup, that is right.  Transfers are tomorrow and I am leaving the great Lorain ward.

Happy sad.  As always.

I know all of the places I live and companions I have probably blur together.  BUT if you remember back to the area I was in right before I came to Lorain when I was with Sister McAlister (the second time), I was serving in Willowick which is in the Euclid Ward.  I was there just one little transfer. Now, I am going the Euclid ward at least...serving in the South Euclid area.

Although I do not know who my companion will be, I know she is a new Sister to our mission.  That will allow for lots of learning opportunities for me...and hopefully for her, too.

This email is spastic.  Sister Fotu and I have a goal time to be home to allow sufficient time to pack (boo!!) and clean and write letters.  So, forgive me.

BUT I do want to tell y'all about this AMAZINGGGGGGGG woman.

Her name is "Lady C".  She is 62 years old and was raised Unitarian.  While her belief in God has been strong her entire life, she has felt empty.  She has known that the complete truth was missing from her life.  Structure...that is a word she uses often.  In her mind, God has structure.  She has craved His structure since she was a young girl.  Over the past three months, she has been having discussions with her friend, a member in the Lorain Ward named Brother Schmidt.  Brother Schmidt has given her materials to learn.  He has been there to answer questions.  He has invited her to church.  He has felt the influence of truth in his life and can not keep it to himself.

We met with "Lady C" for the first time last Monday.

   I love Sister C.  She reminds me to be humble.  and teachable.  She reminds me to be engaged in my search for happiness and diligent in adhering to the structure that our Heavenly Father is mapped out for us.  As she has learned about Christ's restored church, His structure on the earth once more, she feels "full", in her own terms.

We can all feel that, as we are humble and teachable like this sweet, sweet woman that I am going to miss!!

Okay...I must be going now.

I love you!



Sister Spring.

PS. pictures again.  The computers we are using have been very weird lately.  Forgive me!