Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SCHello. (:

This transfer has been so seems like Sister Schwanke and I have been companions forever (not in a bad way) when is reality we have only been companions for four weeks.  And now she is leaving me. 

LAKE ERIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the West Side.
Sister Fotu is my new companion, as of tomorrow.  She is from Tonga. Happy all the least every time I have seen her.  That is really all I know.

Although I am sad to see Sister Schwanke leave (and Sister Hansen...and Sister Manwaring...and Sister McAlister....and all of the other Sisters) I am really excited for the upcoming transfer.  There is still a lot to do here in Lorain.  I know that Heavenly Father is not only aware of me and my needs, but He is aware of those we are teaching and their needs, too.

Sunday night there was a dinner at the Lorain church building preceding the Christmas devotional (watch it here!).  That was such a stressful night for me!!!!  Erica was there with seven of her eight children and her boyfriend.  Along with a man we are teaching who is somewhat skeptical of people.  Another man we are teaching, Brother Greg Slattery( he is getting baptized December 31!!!!), was there with his wife and four children who are members.  A woman who just moved in to the ward and who has not been to church in a while was there, as well.  Plus all of the ward members.  Point:  There were a lot of people there that I felt responsiblity for and I felt like I was running around the whole night!!  It was really good though.
The Thompson family. 
They are members in the ward here. AMAZING people.

The devotional was a Christmas broadcast from the First Presidency of the Church.  I really enjoyed it (at least the portion I watched in between quieting the children with various tactics....we ended up in the foyer.  Seven children who have never sat through church before...yea...just use your imagination.)  This Christmas season is a special time to reflect on the life of our Savior.  Although the world is changing around us, the true significance of Christmas being lost in the process, I will do everything I can to never forget Christ.  Not only at Christmastime

Sorry this is short and scattered.

We are in a rushy rush rush today.

Lots to do...people to see.




Sister Spring

The first snow!!! November 30, 2011. Look very closely...there are little white flakey flakes. The weather has been very mild so far!