Wednesday, December 7, 2011


(disclaimer: my brain is hurting.......I apologize for the lack of description in this email.......)

Sister Schwanke and I had a really great week.  Constantly busy.  Time is going fast.  It seems like it goes from morning to night so quickly.  And night to morning even quicker.

This week has been full of finding, teaching, serving, loving.  I love this area.  I love my companion.  I love the people I meet.  I LOVE these people so much.  Let me tell you about one family.  A young  single mom of EIGHT.  Boy (11), Girl (9), Girl  (7),  Boy (6), Girl (4), Girl (3), Gmirl (18months), and boy (7 months). Oh my gosh these kids are so precious.  Oh, did I mention that she is maybe....26?  As you can imagine, she is in a less than desirable situation.  We have been over to teach them a couple of times and what is most amazing is the children's craving for God.  Especially little Aleah.  She is a BEAUTIFUL little angel.  During our first lesson, we watched a movie (  Finding Faith In Christ) and talked about why we would want to follow Jesus Christ.  Aleah whispered to Sister Schwanke a request to say the prayer.  Gosh, I just want to do everything for these children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Dad told me about the Flower Mound Thanksgiving.  It sounds like a lot of fun! (:  Mine was quite enjoyable.  After spending some time weekly planning, we stuffed ourselves and then watched a Church movie.  Good day, good day.
Sister Schwanke, Me, Brother Larry Greenleaf, Elder Lundholm, Elder Rollins

I reallllllllllllllllly LOVE YOU all!!! (:

Thank you for your continual support.  I hope you all are doing well.

Sister Spring

Meet Juan. 24-years-old. Sister Schwanke and I met him last Monday night. He is INCREDIBLE...even though he looks semi-goofy here. We have taught him three times over the last week. He is reading and praying and happy. 31st of December. That is when he is preparing to be baptized

Molly Hoax, the woman we were living with two weeks ago. On our move out day.....): So sad..But we see her still. In fact, they had us over for dinner on Wednesday. 
Yum, Chick-Fil-A.

The End.