Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hello from the land of Lorain...

December 10, 2011

....again. (:

I hope everyone had a good week.  Mine was good!!  Full of emotional highs and lows, of course.

One minor thing...The missionaries in my mission were encouraged to create a profile.  So, Sister Schwanke and I took a little time to type out a few words on the computer.  Here it is: my profile on  Pretty lame, but take a few minutes to look around at other people.  They are much more interesting.  Like Sister Schwanke.  or Sister McAlister.  or Sister Hansen. or Sister Manwaring.  or Sister Fotu.

Yes, that brings me to point number two.

My new companion.

Sister Siniteke Fotu.



We get along well.  Laugh.  Work hard. I am really happy to be with her.

Hopefully she is happy to be with me, too!
MEET SISTER FOTUUUU.  Here in the library. (:

Well, there is a TON happening here in Lorain.  Lots of people to teach.  Lots of opportunites to talk with people.  I love my life as a missionary.  To be honest, (most of the time), it is not even awkward to just walk up to someone in the parking lot.  It is just instinctive because of a sincere desire I have to make sure everyone has an opportunity to hear this message of hope and happiness and change and progression and peace and TRUTH. 

We are still teaching Brother Greg.  Have I told you about him?  I think so.  He is married to a member in the ward.  We go over there every Sunday for dinner (meaning we will spend CHRISTMAS with them....I can't believe it is Christmas time?!?!).  He is preparing for baptism on the 31st of December.  I LOVE THEIR FAMILY.  Anyways, it is amazing to see him change, little by little.  He has more confidence. and motivation. 

Yup.  Well...

I love you.

I will TALK to you soon, okayyyy?   Then I will be more descriptive.  Maybe.

All you really need to know is I LOVE YOU.

And I am happy. (:

Really happy.

Sister Spring

  Sister Milledge (an amazing member in the great Lorain ward!),
me, Sister Schwanke.