Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Bathtism...

Well, you guessed it...another wonderful week here in Kirtland for me! I love it! My life is so amazing. Seriously. AND it is finally Spring. Which means...flowers EVERYWHERE at sites. This morning we spent five hours planting flowers all around the Visitors' Center. It will be beautiful...shoot, it already was beautiful. This place has my heart. For now. ;)
I am a five year old kid.  Playing in the dirt is fun to me.  (Check out them white legs....ohhh yeahhhh *in my best "oh yeah" voice, Dad!*)  Stephen...remember last Christmas when I was actually tanner than you for once?  I love you, Cancun.  Well, we are back to normal, now.  Thank you, Ohio.

One: Lake Erie!!!!!! SO PRETTY!!!!!!!
(note: see ice from winter on previous post)
 Katie update: June 4! That is when she will be getting baptized!!! I am so excited for her. She has had some personal and real experiences that have helped her know that this is what she needs to do. It amazes me how Heavenly Father really KNOWS us. He communicates with us differently, because we understand differently. One day we were "role-playing" with her how she could talk people about why she wants to be baptized.  She was so cute, though. At one point she said, "I know this is right. Not only will it be good for me, but for the family." Yeah...Katie really understands this. Like I said last week, she is amazing.

Perhaps you wonder why you do not hear too much about my family away from family. Well, turns out they are SUPER busy. Of course. Scott started a new job about a month and a half ago, Joey's graduation and graduation party are coming up, Jordan is a sport's star, Polly is amazing...librarian, mom, and basically runs the school that the kids go to (it is a boarding school.) They are still doing well. I see them at least every Sunday at church. But our visits throughout the week are dwindling. We did get to spend an hour or so over there helping Polly this week. That was nice. I love spending time with them...obviouslyyyyy.

Part of our area borders Lake Erie so Sister Carver and I took advantage of nice sunny evening. Picnic at the lake for our dinner break. (:
Next Monday is Memorial Day....which is a holiday...which is supposedly the most effective time to proselyte because people are home....pray for miracles!!!) You may be wondering why I am telling you this...well, my Preparation Day next week will be Tuesday instead of Monday.
"Talk" to you then.

I love you!!

Sister Spring