Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What the coldness?

Would you mind if I took a moment to complain a little bit? I think I have done rather well at restraining myself all winter. But now it is May. I am through with winter. Apparently it is not through with me. Since my arrival here in November, there have been approximately 13 sunny days (one of the senior couples has kept record). Spring gave me a tease. I almost made it through this whole week without wearing a coat...until yesterday. Yes, I broke out the winter jacket once again. It is not super cold...but I am not a fan. (Remind me of this when/if I complain of the heat)

Meet Sister Bernice Moberg.  She is an 89-year-old, happy, strong, widow in our congregation.  I realize this is a bit blurry, but she is just so cute.  And..proof that I really did wear my winter coat yesterday!  (I also fell asleep kneeling at the kitchen table AFTER our prayer last night......oops)

I know it is thrilling to hear about the weather here in Ohio...sorry. But I guess that was the first thing on my mind. Stupid cold. (:

Moving On....

Wednesday morning Sister Manwaring and I walked to the graveyard next to the Kirtland temple for our "exercise"......

 I have been reunited with a former companion. Sister Carver! Remember her? From the MTC? Sister Carver is from Farmington, Utah...she is a great missionary and I am excited to spend these next six weeks with her. I love Kirtland! I love that I get to be here AT LEAST six more weeks...hopefully I can stay longer. (:

 Sister Carver and I at the transfer lunch with all of the sites Sisters. One of those 13 sunny days. In fact, four, maybe five, of those thirteen were in the last week.
 Transfers occur on Wednesday so we have had the past four and a half days together at the Visitors' Center and in our area. It will be great to learn from her. In the car on our way home our first full day together she commented that she was glad we still teach well together. She feared that the six months we spent away from each other may create awkwardness in our teaching. We still work well together though. Thank goodness.

Sister Manwaring and I with Bonnie! 
 Have I talked about Katie McClendon before? Sometimes I can not keep track. Well she is a 15-year-old girl that we are teaching. Sister McAlister and I started teaching her back in December. This girl is amazing. Seriously. She understands who God is way more than I did at fifteen...and probably more than I do now, too. Point: Katie is amazing. And is planning on being baptized soon. Cool, huh?

Toni (Katie's friend that we teach sometimes), me, and Katie!  They baked us a cake.  Let's be honest, it was for Sister Manwaring since she was leaving.  I still ate it.  It was yummy. 
Well, life is still soooooooooo gooooooood. (: Hey, Congratulations to Tessa! Thanks for the pictures Daddy. It looked like a nice day...and lots of happiness! I like that. How is everyone doing? Anything to update me on?
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOX

Sister Spring