Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Adios, Hermana Manwaring.

Hey, Guess what....

I was wrong.

Go figure.

Sister Manwaring is leaving me! ): I will be staying in Kirtland! (:

This week has been amazing. Yesterday I had my first experience with "exchanges." Basically it is when we switch companions for part of a day or a whole day. Sister Golightly (remember her? She lived in the Boynton with me my first transfer....red hair...cute as a button...I am obsessed with her....) came with me to a couple of lessons yesterday. I learned a lot from being with her. This Sister Golightly is SO sincere and real. At the MTC there was a phrase I learned..."Don't go Robo.." (Don't lose your personality...don't become a robot.) It can be easy to do that as a missionary. At least I think so. But Sister Golightly reminds me to be myself. We all bring variety to this world.... So that was a nice little reminder.

OH we started teaching a new family. We met them through a member in our ward, Sister Tanya Mozdzer. She and the dad were talking about us (the missionaries) one day. He was curious. She asked if he wanted to meet with us. He said, "Yes." We have talked with him a couple of times not but Saturday Sister Manwaring and I went over for our first "real" visit with him and his five little, angel children 9 and under:  They are seriously adorable. I am so excited to continue working with them. As we were asking questions to understand him, he said the reason he is looking for something is because he "wants his family back." Right now I do not know entirely what he means by that...but I do know that is a desire of a good man. He has a desire to learn of Christ because he thinks that will help. And I know that this message of Christ will help him.

Visitor from Peru

Rainy day

Brother and Sister Koshar love to feed us pizza...PEPPINOS.  It is delicious but they make us eat a lot.  Brother Koshar will be baptized June 17th...I WILL BE HERE FOR IT...YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday Sister Manwaring and I volunteered at Pioneer school...Do not fear...I have attached a photo or two of our attire for your comic relief. It was fun. We teach the students that come through on field trips a little bit about life as a child in the 1800's. Our specific duty...teach how to make candles and share information about candle making in their time period. Want more details? I will give you a lesson someday.

The old fashioned portable!

Hey family...just one more reminder that it was sooooo good to see you yesterday. (: I love love love love love you!!!!! Thanks for loving me, too. (note from Mom:  we got to Skype for Mother's Day.  Sister Spring is still just as precious and sweet.  She would love letters!)
Keep doing great things.


Sister Spring