Tuesday, April 5, 2011

GOOD NEWS!! (Received 3/28/2011)

Hellllo my sweet family!

Well, this week is transfers, yet again! I truly can not believe how fast time is flying. Sister Manwaring and I were both convinced that I would be leaving Kirtland this transfer....turns out....WE ARE BOTH STAYING!!!!! (: I am so happy that I get to spend another six weeks with her. We get along so well. We work well together. We help each other be better. It's just a good fit. (: At least six more weeks in Kirtland....YAYY!!!!!!! By the end of this transfer it should be warm, too. That's weird. I can not imagine it being warm here...

East Cleveland District...Transfer Number 3.
I had some things I wanted to tell you about but I forgot my planner in the car (forgetfulness...still a trait of mine) which contains the list of happenings I thought you might find interesting.  Oops.

This weekend was so great. Saturday was Jason's baptism. It started off a littttttle stressful because we could not find a jumpsuit to fit him...have no fear. We improvised. There were soooo many people there. He shared with everyone at the baptism his testimony, too. As he was telling his story, (he didn't believe in God, found it his own way, doesn't know why it took him 32 years...etc) he suddenly said, "I guess all I can really say is...'I know this church is true. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.'" I think it caught us all a little off guard because we were anticipating the rest of the story....but it was perfect.

Danielle and Jason Peterson....and baby Lucy!!!
Yesterday was a celebration of sorts at the Kirtland Temple marking the 175th year since its dedication. Sister Manwaring and I went to the event at temple on Sunday morning at 7 in the morning. It was marvelous. We were gathered with many other people to be reminded of the miracles that happened in that place. Our mission president spoke. He is such a good man (obviously)....

Last Monday the local news did a segment on the Visitors Center so we broke the rules and watched TV....with approval of our Sites Director,
 Life is good. There were many sunny days the past week. I love being out here helping people learn of Christ and our Heavenly Father!

Hey, family....HAVE FUN THIS WEEKEND celebrating two of my main mens birth. Take some pictures for me, too. (: Happy birthday, Grand-pa and Stephen! I love you BOTH!

Sister Spring