Monday, April 18, 2011

Seth and Monique!!!!!!!

Helllllllo family.

This week was a happy week. (Of course.) To expand a little on that, Seth and Monique were baptized on Saturday!! I have spoken of them a couple of times. Young couple. 6 month old son. In high school. Friends with a youth in my ward. They are so amazing. At their baptism Saturday, they were radiating happiness. I have seen their hearts change as they have made little changes to follow Christ.

Seth and Monique!!!

Seth and Monique.
Charlie (their friend that baptized them)...Sister Manwaring and I.
That's what brings happiness. I see it in them. I see it in the Jones. I have seen it in myself. You all know I have never been the perfect example of leading a Christlike life..In fact, I have failed tremendously at being an example of that...but I have seen the happiness that comes as I have humbled myself to change. I repeatedly see that in the lives of and at home. Thank goodness for the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
I am obsessed with Seth and Monique. They are amazing. Always so willing to follow Christ. Hopefully you will all get to meet them some day. (:

Thursday about 12 of the Sisters went to the Historic Society near Kirtland to prepare for Pioneer School! Basically it is an interactive field trip for elementary aged kids to see what life was like on the Ohio Frontier in the early 1800's. There is a school house, a cabin, and a big warehouse where the kids get to make candles. That is our job. Each year the Kirtland Sisters volunteer (or are volunteered?) to operate the candle making station. We were there for training....tough job, let me tell you. Take the wick. Put it on your index finger. Dip in the wax. Then dip in the cold water.

Dip in the wax. Dip in the cold water. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. It will be fun to work the children. After we were schooled in candle making, we took a tour of the historical society's building. It used to be community housing for the homeless and the mental. Interesting tour. Slightly creepy, too. And I broke my camera. And Sister Manwarings. While in the erie jail cell area. Sweet. (:

Fortunately, Sister Manwaring has two will still accompany the emails. ;) That's what companions are for..

Well, things are still going well. It is quite an adventure being here. Every day is an emotional roller coaster. I am learning how to cope with myself basically. Long process...but I am getting there. I looooove being here and learning about my Heavenly Father each day. You are all AMAZING! I love you!!!!


Sister Spring