Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hello my sweet family!

I hope everyone is doing well. It has been a good week...difficult for me personally (just being honest)...but an amazing week still here in the Ohio. Let me tell you a little bit about it. (:

Well, Jason is still preparing for baptism. Everything is set up for him to be baptized this Saturday at four. It is truly amazing to be a part of his life. My favorite thing about being on a mission is definitely the people. Perhaps you already know this, but I love people. I love learning about people and how they live. I love seeing how people think. We are all different...and thank goodness for that.

The other day we were at the home of a woman named Bonnie. I love Bonnie. She is 50 something...Roman Catholic...owner of a Doberman (Max)...slightly depressed...and a sweet, sweet woman. This woman is so selfless and caring. That is another thing I love about people; simply the opportunity to learn from their examples. Well, as we were talking the other day in her living room, I was petting Max. (I miss the pups!! Give them a hug for me!) Next thing I know this HUGE Doberman is sitting on my lap! Oh my goodness I have never seen a lap dog with such large stature. I couldn't help but laugh. And, of course, I loved it!

Another semi-funny story. This weather has been funky. Spring is on its way but is playing a little "hard to get." It will snow six or so inches...then the sun will come out and it will be fairly warm.

Well, a couple of days ago we were walking to the car and the sun was shining. There were not any clouds for as far as I could see. We hop in the car and I exclaim, "Gosh, Sister Manwaring, it is such a warm day!!! (:"...Curiousity hit me and I desired to know the temperature.

I leaned over to look at the outside temperature...THIRTY SEVEN!?

Seriously...who am I?

Well, not too much to report. I'm happy and healthy so don't fret. Make it a great week and always remember that I LOVE YOU!!! (:

Sister Spring pictures...Sowwwwy ;)

(This is Sister Spring's mom.  I'm posting a couple pictures she sent us from winter)

Santa's Helpers

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