Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday April 14, 2011 delayed post(Mom thought she didn't get an email)

.....Well, I guess for your enjoyment I will update you on my life.

(Yes, Stephen, I realize this is narcissistical on my end....Is that a real word?..probably understand what I am saying though)

Yesterday Sister Manwaring and I had an appointment at the Jones home.
Upon arrival we were informed that Polly and Jordan were not home, leaving the men of the house there. Well, as Sisters, we are instructed not to be in a home with just men. So...we opted to do some planning on the hammock in their back yard until they arrived home. Joey brought us flavored water. It was wonderful. and eighty degrees. (:

For some reason I am really struggling to compose an e-mail today. Sister Manwaring has insisted that I at least have to share one story.
Here it is:
Once upon a time I was serving with a Sister by the name of McAlister...remember her? Yea, me too. One day Sister McAlister and I received a text message from Church Headquarters saying that Scot Abercrombie would like to receive a copy of the Finding Faith in Christ DVD. "Awesome," we thought. While Sister McAlister was driving, I made a phone call to the previously mentioned man. Scot answered. I made my introduction and explained that we would like to set up a time to come visit to bring the DVD/share a message of Christ and His restored church. Scot informed me that he had just moved in to the area and started a new job. His schedule was still a little uncertain. "Call me next week and I should know a time we can meet,"

Scot said. So I did. He did not answer. So we called again a week or so later....He did not answer. Well, we finally decided to stop by his house to give him the gift. Turns out, his house number did not exist. Quite unfortunate. We called a few times over the next two months. That was the end of Scot...Sike.

Two weeks ago Sister Manwaring and I decided to knock doors on the street that Scot lives on...or at least the street that was included in his false address. I had semi-forgotten about the earlier experience with Scot. The street was conveniently near an appointment we had that we tracted Lincoln Ave. About half way through the street we are standing on a porch when we see a man get out of his truck.

us: "Do you live here?"

him: "Maybe..."

us: ..awkward giggle..."Well...we just knocked on your door.

Perfect timing! What is your name?"

him: "Scot."

us: "Nice to meet you, Scot. We are missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints..." And we talked for a few minutes.

We left the conversation with no intentions of ever seeing this Scot man again. He was not to enthralled with our meeting.

Then, we get to the next home and I realize that I am an idiot!

That was Scot Abercrombie! So we return to his house and I explain myself...again. Then, I establish that I am the one who spoke with him a few months ago....

All I am saying is the Lord is truly working in each of our lives.

These incidents are not merely coincidence. There is no way.

Sometimes I may overlook the little miracles that happen in my every day. I am working on it though. I notice that the more I look, the more I find theLord's hands in my life. The more I look the more I realize that Heavenly Father is watching out for me. I know He is watching out for each of you, too....We just have to look sometimes.


Daddy, yesterday we were driving through downtown Willoughby and there was a motorcycle gathering of sorts. I thought of you...and Kevin! Y'all would have loved it. The weather was P.E.R.F.E.C.T too.

Well....that is all.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Spring

Meet the Dalton's.  They are from Colorado.  I love them.  They went home on Friday. ):