Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My first "White Christmas!"

My first "White Christmas!

Sister McAlister, Me, Sister Golightly, and Sister Calder. Christmas Eve before carrolling, after our Christmas Eve feast.

Sister McAlister, Sister Golightly and Sister Calder.  Christmas morning on our walk over to the Butterfield's for Brunch with the Senior couples and the Sisters!  My first "White Christmas!
I just talked to y'all so I do not really have much to say. But you know me, I can talk your ear off about nothing...so here it goes....
I loved hearing your voices and seeing your faces on Saturday! That was definitely the best Christmas present of all! (:   Oh yea, I did not tell you that....Yesterday, I spoke in church!! One would think that being on a mission would help alleviate the intense anxiety that I tend to get when it comes to public speaking. False. Good news, though. I survived!   Sister McAlister and I have been having really good Companion Study time this past week. It is always good. This week was just extraordinarily good. I have been trying to pin point what exactly is so good about them and I can not seem to do that. This morning we were reading mostly from a talk entitled "The Fourth Missionary." We did not finish it. We did not even get half way through it. But it is so good. In the talk, he encourages the reader to have a vision of who (s)he wants to become. So that is what we spent the majority of our Companion Study doing. Discussing and discovering and writing about who we want to become. That was a little overwhelming...but I hope I will get there one day. (:   Well, I love you all! I love being out here in the Ohio. I know Heavenly Father wants me to be here...and I want to be here, too! He loves you! Don't forget it.
Love and Miss you,
Sister Spring