Thursday, January 6, 2011

One down, Eleven to go

Opened Christmas gifts early12-22-2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Where has the time gone? The six weeks here in Ohio have seriously FLOWN by. And that brings me here:  My very first transfers week in the mission. This week a lot is changing at the Kirtland Visitors' Center and in the Ohio Cleveland Mission. There are quite a few sites sisters that are going out full-time proselyting, including my dear Sister Golightly who has been living with me. I think four or five all together are going out. Something like that. In addition, a lot of companionships are being re-done. It came to 9:40 last night and no call for the Assistant's. Phew. No change for the us. We made that judgement a little too soon. Elder Jensen one of the Assistant's calls!!!!! My heart stopped. We were nervous. We thought all of the transfer calls had already been made. And his call could only mean one thing...Sister McAlister or I were leaving. Wrong again. Sister McAlister and I are staying together but we are moving downstairs in the Boynton Home (where we live now). At first we were really confused as to why we would be moving within the same home, BUT we used our detective skills to figure it out. The room downstairs has two sets of bunk beds. So we will be getting a new companion! Yay triple up. I am really excited. We will not know until Wednesday who our new addition will be..although we do have our guess (Sister Law). I will let you know next week. Nothing like a little cliff hanger. There will be a lot of cleaning and moving and organizing in the Boynton Home today and our P-DAY is cut short because we have a dinner at 430...what I am trying to say is I am sorry that letters are so delayed. I do love y'all and really appreciate y'all and WILL write back. Just give me a little time. (:

My cute little district!!  Back row: Elder Judd, Sister Kingston(she has an amazing singing voice), Sister Stewart(she has thirteen siblings), Elder Warner.  Front row: Sister Carver (recognize her from the MTC?), Sister Devenport (she's from Alaska), Sister McAlister (my lovely companion!!!), and me!  fun fact: This picture is actually from this morning 1-3-2011 
So we found a new family to teach!!!!! And I am so excited. I love them. Sister McAlister has been serving in Kirtland her whole mission. (She got here in June). Well, she has been wanting to stop by this certain house on Kirtland Road for the majority of that time. Friday evening on our way back to sites for our New Year's Eve dinner, we stopped by. We talked to the 17-year-old son for a few minutes and he said we could come back the next day to talk with him and his family. Naturally, we went back. We talked with the mom for a good while, and she told us that they have been looking for a church to go to. She also said that because of recent events she has been questioning her faith in God. We talked with her for nearly an hour, gave her a Book of Mormon, invited her to church. She said she would read from the Book of Mormon and that they would talk as a family about coming to church. This was on Saturday. Come sacrament meeting and no sign of the family. Honestly, that broke my heart. No fear. My companion is amazing. She suggested we stop by their house Sunday we did. Mom told us she was going to call us to apologize for not being at church but did not want to bother us on a Sunday...come on....we love to be bothered. (: So we stayed and talked with them for a little over an hour. This time it was dad, mom and 15-year-old daughter. Oh my was the best hour of my mission. I love them! They have questions. They want answers. And that's how it works. As we search, Heavenly Father helps us find. That is what He is doing with this family. Perhaps it is a little too soon to be as excited as I am. But I can not help it. When the dad was praying before we left it was so tender. He said something along. "Thank you for bringing these ladies to us. Maybe this is the avenue we need to take." Yes, family. This is the avenue. Side note: They used to live in Frisco and have family in Flower Mound...SMALL WORLD.

There is this woman in our ward named Ann. Well Ann is married to Dave. And Dave has been meeting with missionaries for over two years. Well guess what! Dave has a baptismal date. June 17th. Yes, I realize that is six months away. But he has a vision. There is so much more to Dave's story that I am omitting. I could never do him justice. We just had a really good conversation with him yesterday. Tonight we will have dinner over at the Koshars. They take realllllly good care of us. Usually they feed us Peppino's pizza and make us eat until it is gone. Dave said he feels like cooking for us tonight...yay, surprises.

Lastly, please look up a video on youtube. I am not sure the name of it but our Sites director showed us the cutest little thing ever!! There is a little girl telling the story of Jonah and the whale. She is SO animated. So look up..."little girl Jonah and the whale" or something. I am sure you will find it. She has curly hair, glasses, standing at a pulpit, probably 7 or 8. CUTE CUTE CUTE.

Life is good. REALLY GOOD.  As always, please ignore my poor grammar.  I love my life.
Sister Spring