Thursday, December 16, 2010


(Sorry for the delayed post, my mom was ill this week!)

December 13, 2010
Well hello again from the Ohio....
It was a good week. A hard week...but good week. This morning, Sister Golightly read me a letter that her mom sent her. It contained the homecoming address of her long time friend, Elder Finlayson, who served in the Texas San Antonio Mission, which includes Austin. It was SO good. He loved his mission so much and it was really portrayed through his talk. He said, paraphrased of course, "Every day has the potential to be your best day." The way we choose to react to our days events determines what kind of day we ultimately have. This week I plan on having a lot of "best" days.

The baptism was wonderful and the highlight of my week..definitely a best day. Daniel and Brianna Miller are so dear to me. It is nearly unbelievable how much I can love these people after knowing them for three short weeks. But I do! At the baptism, Daniel said something so precious. "Baptism is a re-start at life....and that is exactly what I needed." Okay, that melted my heart. I'll attach a picture or two of the Miller baptism. Love them!
Also Tuesday was our Christmas Mission Conference. It was a day of much feasting...spirtually and literally. The morning part of the conference was held in the Kirtland temple. It was so amazing to be in there. My companion, Sister McAlister, sang "O, Holy Night" as a duet with an Elder. It was beautiful. I just flipped the pages for the pianist. That is the span of my musical talent. ;) Lunch was delicious! Pot roast and rolls and salad and yumminess. We then were taught by our dear mission president, President Sorensen. One thing that President Sorensen said really stuck out to me..."I can't do everything. But I can do something." I have heard that time and time again but I definitely need to work on applying it. Sometimes I get so caught up in wanting to help everyone and do everything that I get overwhelmed and then nothing is completely finished. As I focus on the "somethings" I can do, projects are completed, problems are fixed, and progress is made. To conclude the conference, we were given Christmas cards from home. Mom's had a note not to open it until Christmas so it is waiting under the tree...and Dad's was so sweet!! It made my eyes tear up. Don't tell ;) It was one that you record on. So he left a sweet Christmas wish on there and then it plays "My Girl" after it....Now everyone knows...I have the world's greatest Dad!
Sister McAlister and I were planning on sending out Christmas cards but the past two Preparation Days have been rather snowy. So let me take this time to apologize for the lack of personal holiday greetings...I do love you! And I am, indeed, wishing you all a Merry Christmas.
At the Visitors' Center we have a marvelous display of nativities...I'm not sure if I have mentioned that or not. If I have, sorry for the repeat. These nativities are donated from members of the community. They have been collected from various locations all around the world. There are so many and they are all so beautiful. It is a wonderful reminder that Christ is truly the center of Christmas. I hope we can all remember that as we celebrate with those we love.
As always, I think of you all often! You are in my prayers continually. Do great things!
Love you,
Sister Spring