Friday, December 3, 2010

Arrival in Ohio/Thanksgiving Feast/Small World

My goodness. I am not quite sure where to begin.
Well, I am here in Ohio. And I absolutely LOVE it. I am serving in the Kirtland ward and at the Visitors' Center. It is most likely that I will be at the Visitors' Center at least part time for all of my mission. The sites at the Visitors' Center are so amazing! Y'all have to see them sometime. (I love this place)
I live in a precious two story historic house with five other sisters. It is on the sites..sites means the area of land where we give tours which includes the Visitors' Center, the N. K. Whitney store, the Whitney home, the ashery, the saw mill, and other homes. Talk about convenient. but it gets better...We have a washer and dryer, two kitchens, a nice sized study room, a semi small bathroom, and our cute little bed room. I am so spoiled. I don't know how it always happens like this. My trainer is Sister (Kaitlyn) McAlister from Sisters, Oregon. She was attending BYU before she came here and has only four credits left. Right before I left the MTC, one of my teachers, Sister Jensen, told me to look for Sister McAlister and tell her "hi". (They attended the same ward at BYU). Funny how she is now my companion. And I love her! Honestly, I was paired with the greatest Sister in the mission...It's true. We work really well together. We keep each other motivated. We set goals to help us be better. I just really like her. She is optimistic and loving and and energetic and hard working and has a strong testimony.
Thanksgiving was...delicious! The Senior couples made a beautiful feast and transformed the "Welcome Center" on sites to a fine Thanksgiving dining room. All of the Sisters, Senior couples, and some people from the community all joined in gratitude to eat. Yum yum yum. Family, guess what! I ate apple pie..and pumpkin pie, too. (and liked it) Your little girl is growing up. I told you my taste buds are maturing. This is to be considered a great land mark in my life. ;)
Friday was my first "full-day" with a mission schedule. We had sites in the morning from 10-3 and then area time from 3-9. During area time we teach lessons, tract, have dinner at members' homes..etc. Friday I had my first tracting (aka knocking doors) experiences. I like talking to people, any people really, because I enjoy seeing how people think and what they think and I just like people. Anyways, we didn't get to talk to many people for more than 30 seconds but it was still a neat experience. The street we were tracting on was right off of Lake Erie! I hear it freezes in January!! Crazy. It seriously looks like an ocean. Waves and all. The wind from the lake combined with the cold caused for frozen feet (maybe that's just a cause of living in Ohio) and a chapped right hand, but all is well. I love my life. (: This is kind of a slow season at the sites. So far I have only been a part of one tour. It was on Saturday but it was a lot of fun. There is so much to learn about during the tour on sites. Not only about historic Kirtland but about the love of our Heavenly Father for us. One of the girls in my tour is friends with a girl I know back in Austin. It's amazing how this big world is actually pretty small. Anyways, she is living in San Antonio so I was able to talk with her about Texas a little bit. Love that place (:
Guess what! I had a letter waiting at the Visitors' Center from Aunt Flossie and Uncle Hal!! Wasn't that so sweet of them?! We haven't seen them in far too long. When was the last time I saw them? Franga's birthday party? It couldn't have been that long ago...could it? Also, can someone get my Uncle Johnny's address? And Aunt Mary Lee? And Sherri Esponel(spelling?)? Please and thank you (: See..I'm still needy...all of these miles away. Oops!
I really don't have too much to report on YET. But you had better believe that I will be informing you on all of the happenings.
I hope y'all had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was a good reminder for me to think about what I really am grateful for. family, friends, answered prayers, gloves, hot chocolate, the Book of Mormon, getting letters, scarves, being in Kirtland, Sister McAlister. I am overwhelmed daily with how much love and support I am given. I know not everyone is blessed with a supportive family and friend base, but I am! And I am so grateful.
Lots of love,
Sister Spring