Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hi famfam.

What a sites.

Sister Christian and I were there nearly every day this week.

Tuesday we had from 2-9 in our area.

And Thursday we had in our area, too.

Other than that, we were working away at the Visitor's Center.  Lots of good things happening.

To give you a glimpse, I'll tell of a few events from Saturday and Sunday.

With people on Spring Break, more families are coming in.  Typically in the winter it's a lot of men that are in Cleveland for business, occasionally a family, and non-members from the Cleveland area.  Not this weekend.

Saturday we took two families from Illinois, in total there were fifteen people.  Eleven of those people were under the age of nine.  They were brilliant little children though!  The whole tour they were engaged, asking questions (spiritual) and answering them, as well.  Pretty well behaved.  The tour ended with all nine of the children running, rolling, and racing down a grassy hill on sites.  They were too precious!  I wish I had a picture.  Just a mental one. 
Then that night I was making phone calls at sites and also answering the "in-bound calls".  These are typically non-members who call in from with questions or from a pass-along card offer for a free DVD.  Generally I really like these conversations...Saturday...not so much.

This one guy, John, called in from Canada..I think.  His initial question was about The Book of Mormon.  But he was just really frustrating.  He clearly called in with the intent to argue.  Nor did he have any intent on listening to what I had to say.  His purpose was to prove me wrong.  Situations like that are really frustrating, because I often feel defeated.  Like they "won" or whatever.  Not that it is a competition.  I just think if they are going to ask a question, they shouldn't cut me off when I am explaining.  Anyways, it seems like the last several weeks we have encountered a lot of situations of people challenging our beliefs.  and it is amazing!! I mean that.  As people challenge me, I must take a deeper look at what I am teaching people about.  I have an opportunity to re-ask my Heavenly Father if what I am doing is right and if what I am teaching is true.  Of course, the answer is always yes.  He does not change.

We are running out of I guess you only get to know about Saturday.  Too bad. ;)

The Jones are in Hawaii right now!! To go to the temple to be united as a family ETERNALLY. (To be honest, I have not watched this video in a while, but it helps explain temples, I it.)  Sister McAlister is there, too.  Hopefully they will take lots of pictures so I can see.

Looking back at the experiences I have had here in Ohio thus far, I am overwhelmed by the good people I now get to call me friends.  I LOVE OHIO!

Meet Cortez! 
He's the one that sent the "sweet" note and gift a few weeks ago.

Companion Exchange number two.  Me, Raelynn, Jeremiah, and Sister Hillman.  Raelynn is preparing for baptism on April 1.  She is brilliant.  And so amazing.  The missionaries have been working a lot with their family over the past year and a halfish.  Brother Harris (their dad) was raised in the Church, but stopped going in his youth.  He went to the temple about a month ago.  Jeremiah was baptized last year.  And now it is Raelynn's turn.  She is so excited

Do you remember Brother (Mike) Young?  We were teaching him when I was serving in Lorain.  His wife is a member.  They have a 6ish year-old son, Christian.  Well...two Saturday's ago..March 10th..he took that step of baptism!  So cool.  McSister aka Sister McAlister sent me an e-mail to inform me of the glorious news (and I don't think I have told you yet but SHE IS GETTING MARRIED!  And about mid-week, Sister Fotu sent me a sweet card with updates on the people I love in Lorain, including Brother Young.

I love you.
Sister Spring