Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy March (:

"Our Angel" on her 15th birthday - October 2004

Dearest family,
Time is a bit limited today as the library is buuuuuuusssy, so we have constraints on the length of computer use.  Yikes.  You know how well I do with time.....Don't worry, I still have my trait of tardiness.  I'm still working on it.
Anyways, this week has been strange.  Transfers. Shooting at Chardon High School (I live with the Sisters who serve in the congregation out there).  Being "dumped".  Lots of tracting.  Snow (and blue, sunny skies..sometimes in the same day). 

Brief updates.
Transfers--Although Sister Christian and I stayed together and in South Euclid, we did obtain new stomping ground.  It used to be part of one of my old areas (The cities of Wickliffe, Willoughby, and Willoughby Hills--where I was with Sister McAlister the second time...do y'all even keep track of that? haha).  I forgot the culture of serving in a suburb.  My past two areas have been mostly low-income areas with very humble people.  Let's just say, lots of doors close in our faces.  Which is fine.  They are nice people.  And typically very kind.
Shooting in Chardon-Yea, that is just so crazy.  Definitely the talk of the town.  It really make me remember how precious this life is and how grateful I am for the things I know through the restored gospel.
Dumped-  Break-ups are the worst.  We see the potential that those we are teaching have, but they just can't change...or people convince them otherwise.  It's frustrating...but we just keep a positive attitude that seeds are being planted.  (Right, Daddy?...I still remember the letter you sent me near the beginning of my mission telling me not to get discouraged because sometimes we are just seed planters.)  This week, for example, a young man (21, did I tell you about him?) brutally dumped us.  haha.  We had a great lesson with him.  Everything was clicking.  He was comprehending things much better.  Then, as we were walking out the door, he said, "I have a gift for you but you only get it when you are in the hall."  Hmm...So he gives us a bag (full of the materials we had given him over the last three weeks) with a note on top of how he just can't believe what we have to say because he only believes the Bible.  He invited us to read the Bible because that is where the truth is.  (Interesting, we read parts of the Bible with him every time we were there....?)  It's interesting how people pick and choose what they want to hear.  (Now, I know how you feel Mom and Daddy! (:  )  THEN, when we got to the car he called to us if we liked the gift.  Harsh. 
Tracting- Pretty self explanatory.  We have spent a lot of times knocking on doors.  And meeting some incredible, comfortable people.  We have a few people that we will see this week.  Two young people, for example.  We met them yesterday.  They live in a nice community, right by the golf course.  (I thought of Grand-ma and Grand-pa while we were there....You would love it! ha!)  He is this angelic eight year old who immediately informed us of their recent trip to Disney...land...?...world?...whichever is in Florida.  You think I would know.  Anyways, she was precious.  That's all I am saying.
Weather-I love talking about weather apparently....?  Ohio is crazy.  Just like Texas.  Snow, bone chilling wind!, rain, sun, 60's, 20's, tornadoes...all in one week.
There you have it...my boring update for the week. (:  I am getting worse and worse at this thing.  This sounds like a pretty depressing e-mail..I should have done better.  (:  Too late now. 
The most important thing to remember is that I am happy!  And I know I am where I need to be because what I am sharing with people is true.  So, so true.  I have doubted and denied and disobeyed.  The feelings I have when I embrace and experiment the teachings lead me to know that this is true!  I see it my own life.  I see it in others lives.  (Speaking of, can you believe that one year ago TODAY the Jones family was baptized?  Crazzzzy!!!)

The Jones Family March 5, 2011 on their baptism day, 1 year ago.  They have been a wonderful support, and embraced Sister Spring as part of their family.  They were one of the first people she taught on her mission.  We are so grateful for the love they've given her.  I thought I would share this picture since she mentoned them in her email. (and since she didn't send pictures again!) - Mom Spring

Have a great week!
I love you,

Sister Spring

PS. I'm the worst...I forgot my camera at home.  YIKES

(Note from Mom Spring - Sister Spring will be home in April 10 - just 5 weeks!)