Monday, April 2, 2012

A day delayed..but I need to say...

(NOTE -This will be the last email from Sister Spring's mission.  She returns to Texas next Tuesday April 10!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to youuuu, Grand-pa and Esteban!!!!  Y'all are getting so old. ;) Sorry it is a day late.  I did not forget.  Scouts honor.  Grand-ma said y'all had a good weekend, so I'm glad about that!

I'm pretty sure Mandy's (Krutsinger) birthday is this week, too.

Maybe even today...she will never tell me the exact day, always dodges the question...sooo...Happy Birthday, whenever it is Mandy.  Love you!

 This week has been in-cred-i-ble...

Have I told you about Fran?  Mlakar?

No..I haven't.  Oh my, oh my...Sister Mlakar is amazing.  She is the BEST friend (and next door neighbor) of a woman in our ward, Sister Saunders.  Sister Mlakar is in a pretty scary time, due to her health.

 The past few weeks we have met with her regularly.  She is preparing to be baptized on the 28th of April.  And...did I mention?...I LOVE HER!!!  Seriously, if only I could explain things well, I would tell you all about her.  It has been so amazing to see her change over these three weeks.  At first, I really feel, she met with us because she was just scared and did not know what else to do.  As time has passed, her desire to know truth has changed.  We see that in the effort she puts in.  It's pretttty awesome.

Yesterday, due to a the necessity of needing a bathroom, we stopped by Popeyes right in the middle of "the hood", defined by an employee.  He is pretty cool.  And we are going to meet with him this week.  I'll give you more update on him when there is more to update.  While walking out of Popeyes, we saw a young guy at the bus stop.  We approached him.  "D"  26 (looks 16..hey, we have something in common).  He really wants to follow God but has found it difficult in his current circumstance.

We will be meeting with him on Saturday..and he is really excited!

So are we!

Oh..general conference was this weekend. It was amazing!!!!!  The talks should be up there sometime this week, I assume?  Maybe I am wrong.  I really found a lot of comfort in the message of hope.  There seemed to be an overwhelming theme, to me, of the opportunity to change.  That opportunity is given to anyone, at anytime.

I have spent a lot of time (4 transfers, 6 months, 1/3 of my mission) in what some would define as the "hood" (Lorain and now, South Euclid).  I have seen people let there situations define them.  I, myself, am guilty of letting situations define me.  Yes, there circumstance is different than mine has been and probably ever will be, but I know that the enabling power of change that comes through Christ is available to ALL people.

We are greater than our circumstances.

We can change.

It is never too late.

We are never "too far gone".

God will never give up on us.

Anyways, I love conference.

I love you.


Sister Spring

PS...sorry...again...the computer I am on does not upload pictures.