Friday, March 16, 2012


So...once upon a time I congratulated my brother and Lauren on their TWIN I can truly congratulate on TWIN BABIESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (:  I'm excited.  (Hopefully this is public news.  If not, you should have warned me.)
Congratulations, Brother and Lauren!
That's pretty much all my brain can think about right now.  I am going to love being an Aunt. 

This week was...different.  But good.
Amid the chaos, and my lack of a brain, we had some really amazing experiences...especially at sites. 
For instance?

Monday evening we chatted with a high school aged girl.  Her group of friends consists mostly of LDS youth.  She wonders why they are so happy...which led her to chat.  We talked about a few different topics: commandments, obedience, personal experience, and The Book of Mormon.  She voiced a concern about the scriptures.  She said that she felt like they were not applicable to her and too difficult to understand, specifically The Book of Mormon.  We showed her a video on where a woman shares her experience of finding peace from The Book of Mormon.  (click me to watch)  This woman related to the people in the scriptures because they had suffering, temptation, loss just like us.  After the video, she exclaimed, "I have never felt this's like..the love of God."  On and on she went about how good she felt.  We explained that was the Holy Ghost.  She asked how she could have that all the time.  We talked about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost.  She is so excited to be baptized!  And we are so excited for her!

Wednesday we chatted with this woman named "Sxx".  She initially wanted to know everything she could about her name.  (There is a woman named Sariah in The Book of Mormon).  Everywhere she looked for information on her name led her to The Book of Mormon.  Overwhelmed with curiosity, she came to us!  We ended up just talking about the contents of The Book of Mormon..she was "so interested in learning more!"  She met with the missionaries in North Carolina, has jumped in to reading The Book of Mormon, and just loves it!  I love her!

Friday was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Ohio.  And we had the opportunity to take a precious little family on tour.  "C" (grandma/ mom to "N").  "N" (daughter/mom). "A" (angelic little boy, age 6?).  They moved to the area last summer.  Every time they pass the sites, "A" expresses his desire to visit.  Finally they came!  And we took them on tour. "A" was a little antsy, but pretty well behaved.  Anyways, it was a really neat opportunity to testify the events that occurred here in Kirtland.  We gave them two copies of The Book of Mormon.  Although they weren't too interested in meeting with missionaries now, they did say they would be back to visit in the summer.  They were a really unified family.  I like them a lot.

I love my life!  And I love you!
And I love my future little niece and nephew.
Yup, that is all.
Until next week,
Sister Spring

Note from Mom Spring: No pictures again.  3 1/2 weeks and she'll be home!