Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So long, farewell....

Note:  New address on right and no pictures again so I put 2 on....Mom Spring :-)

Perhaps I did not give a sufficient explanation in my e-mail last week.  Oops.

Transfers are tomorrow, October 26.

And I'm out of being Kirtland.

My new area is called Lorain which is West of Cleveland.  Sister McAlister actually served there right before we ended up here in Willowick together.  Lorain is only forty-five minutes from Kirtland...but I will no longer come in to the Visitors' Center while I am serving out there.   So basically it is like I am serving in Timbuktu.  It will be fun!  There are obviously pro's and con's to the whole situation.  The hardest part for me is that ten Sisters go home December 7 (Sister McAlister, Sister Hansen, Sister Manwaring...and others that I love love love!) so I will not be around to say good-bye to them.  I guess that is not the END of the world.....

Our LAST week together has been a good one.  The end of transfers is always crazy with the responsibilities at sites.  For example, we spent nearly six hours putting together a semi-balanced schedule for the Sisters' proselyting area, on-line chatting, and visitors' center time.  That was fun.

Sunday night we did not have a dinner appointment with any members from the ward.  Before heading in to our area, we threw together a little picnic sack of yumminess to eat at an undetermined location that evening.  Around five o'clock, we found a table at a park in our area.  So, we were munching along on these DELICIOUS apples that a kind man in our ward gave us when we saw a car pull up.  A woman got out, walked to the community center door, found out that it was locked.  She started walking back to her car. 

We keep eating...

          and eating

          and silence.

Finally I vocalize what we both were thinking...."Let's go talk to her!"

Apples in hand, we stroll over to said woman.  Yelka.  From Bosnia. (Seriously Willowick/Wickliffe area is a melting pot, expecially of Eastern Europe countries.  Right before dinner, we were teaching Nick from Croatia!  Shout out to Mrs. Lurvey).  Anyways, we ended up talking to Yelka for about thirty minutes about the nature of God as our loving Heavenly Father.  We asked if she would be interested in having us come over to talk with her more about God.  So...we will be seeing her Saturday.  Well, Sister McAlister will at least.  We sat back down to eat our dinner.  We see another woman walking her dog this time.  She was not quite as approachable with no words spoken on our part she semi-kindly stated, "No, thanks." 

Back to dinner.

As our tummies were nearing the state of satisfaction, two young guys walked up to get a drink from the water fountain.  Of course, we started talking with them.  Brandon and Chris.  A few minutes later, their friend David joined in the conversation.  They showed instant curiousity in the message we had to share as well as in our lives.  You know, why we chose to go to Ohio, if we were going to school, typical questions people tend to ask us.  They asked questions about churches and why there are so many.  We ended up teaching them right there about the restoration of Christ's church.  We will be meeting with them again shortly.  It is just amazing to see how Heavenly Father is so involved in my life...I know He is involved in your lives, too.  He knew those boys would be at Manry Park and that we needed to talk with them.  He knew that the community center would be closed but sent Yelka there anyways so we could talk with her. 

Later that evening we were looking at at one of the Senior couples homes.  Turns out the lead singer, Brandon Flowers, is Mormon.  Who would have thought?  Anyways, there is a video about him on the website that is very good.  You should watch it. (: 

I'm not sure if Adam reads these things or not...but Congratulations on being a DAD!!!! I can't wait to meet your son, Noah, and your wife, Kaylee!!!  (: 

Well, until next week....


Sister Spring

Showing off her bunk at camp to cousins Joe and Danielle - 2009

Cousin Patrick, Great Grandaddy and Sister Spring (On the
 right with bottle in her mouth...she held it like that often)