Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You're in or you're out...

Sister Spring will be 22 this Sunday, October 9th.  Surprise her and send her a birthday wish.  Address is to the right.
Marci and  Sister Elizabeth Spring last year @ 21! 
This Sunday the 9th = 22!!

So...I lied in my last e-mail.  Unintentionally, of course. 

Sister McAlister and I slaved over creating a new schedule for the Sisters with sites, proselyting areas, and chat, too.  This made some changes in our week.  My preparation day is now on least for a couple of weeks.

       General conference was so good!!!  No surprise there; that is a given.  A common theme stood out to me;  when it comes to following our Heavenly Fathers plan, either you're in or you're out...there is no middle ground.  Perhaps this was a theme that only I noticed, who knows?  I have been studying the concept of obedience lately.  In case you have forgotten, I am a little....stubborn.  And I feel like I have been somewhat stubborn with my Heavenly Father lately.  I want to do what I want to do...I want it my way...lalalala.  Shocking, I know.  I was reminded of the ultimate purpose of commandments.  We are given guidelines for our life that, if we choose to follow, will lead us to real happiness.  He gives us the way; but we have to accept.  This principle is real.  I have seen the negative effects of disobedience.  I have also seen obedience effect my life in the best way possible.  The people who spoke on Saturday and Sunday are inspired leaders of God.  If you did not get to watch it, they can be viewed at this website.

      This transfer has been really hard.  really stressful. (Reminder: hard does not equal bad).  Coming in to Willowick we had zero people were teaching and neither of us knew anyone in the congregation.  I still feel like the ward is foreign to me, but we are developing relationships and meeting tons of people as we are talking with everyone!  Two Saturday's ago we met a man at a gas station.  The timing was perfect.  So perfect, that he was a little...frightened...for lack of better word.  We talked with him a little bit about our purpose as missionaries, to invite everyone to come closer to Christ.  He recognized the effect this could have on his family if he accepted the invitation.  So accept he did. He wanted to talk with his wife (good call) before setting up a specific time.  He said to call him Friday.  We did.

            "Yea, I talked to my wife and...she would love to have you guys come over."

Sunday.  1030 am.  Right before General Conference.  That's when we met his wife and their two children, their little boy (7) and their baby girl (17 months) for the first time.  This was another instance when I felt an immediate love for these precious people!  Over the course of our lesson with them they opened up a lot about family issues.  They have a sincere desire to unite as a family and they know they need the help of our Heavenly Father.  We are meeting with them again tonight.  Oh how I love them!!

     Hey, happy birthday, Marci-ella (and Shane aka Trip).    Marce, please don't think I forgot about your birthday...but with a change in my P-day...your card may get there a little late.  Forgive me? 22? Can you believe it?!  Ten years and counting, babygirl!! Have fun celebrating and just know I am always with you!  ilyimyiwiwwy.  (Mama, Daddy, Stephen, anyone...pass this message along to her please?)

     Well, fall is here!  The leaves are changing.  Halloween decorations are going up everywhere.  I have now witnessed every season here in the Ohio...weird.  

     As always, I hope you know that I am happy!  I know that this is exactly where I need to be because the message I am sharing is true.  It has to be.  If it wasn't I wouldn't be here.  It's too hard. haha (:

I love love love you!!!!

Sister Spring

Last manicure before she left - courtesy of Grandma!

Loving her Grandpa

Daddy's little girl at 2 or 22!

 And with Mom who is always grateful for Sister Spring's
righteous choices and love of the Savior.