Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Transfer meeting....meet my beautiful companion...Sister Hansen!!!!! (:
Well, I am sure you are all so curious to know where I was transferred to this past Wednesday.  My move was close.  In fact, I now live in a house about one mile from the Boynton Home where I resided the past seven and a half months.  I live with two other companionships in the Hyrum Smith home (Joseph's brother).  My new companion is amazing!!!!  Sister (Carlie) Hansen from North Ogden, Utah.  She came out a year ago with Sister McAlister and Sister Manwaring.  There were ten sisters who all came out together.  Sister Hansen and I get along really well.  We are always laughing and smiling and happy.  I like that.  She has a genuine love for the people here.  She has a genuine love for the gospel.  I know there is a ton to learn from her.  Here is the surprise of the transfer situation...I am STILL in the Kirtland Ward!!!!!!!! (:  There are two sets of Sisters that serve in the Kirtland Ward...the Kirtland area, which is where I began my mission and Fairport Harbor, which is where I am now.  It is rare to be transferred within the same ward.  But it happened!  And I am happy.


Last Tuesday night, we taught a few lessons and said a few good-byes, as we thought I would be getting shipped out to Timbuktu.  The Jones...of course.  (They went to the temple for the first time on Saturday!! And had a really great experience, too!!!!!!)  Carl and Tricia Jurrus had us over for dinner, too.  They are the cutest little newlyweds who I adore!!  Carl was baptized three(ish) years ago and served a mission to the France Paris Mission.  Tricia served a mission at Temple Square.  Both are amazing.  We take them teaching with us often.  Anyways, dinner was great.  Homemade quiche and soup.  And Nutella with cornbread for dessert.  The part of dinner I loved most was that Courtney (remember her from my last email?) was there with her friend Megan!  These girls are so great.  We had a discussion about Jesus Christ and His role.  Tricia and Carl were both able to share their experiences in how they came to find out He is real.  So...after the lesson and dinner, we said our goodbyes!!!  I was sad to leave them.  Carl and Tricia sang us a song in France and gave a nice "Farewell, Sister Spring" speech.  Well, I come to find out later that Tricia KNEW I would be in the ward.  That little punk.  She played it off well.

Megan, Courtney, me,  Carl, Tricia

I love my new area.  They have been teaching a couple in their late 40's, early 50's.  They are incredible.  I have watched their happiness increase as they have come to church and learned more about Christ's restored gospel.  They are preparing to be baptized on August 6th.  SO NEAT!

We had lunch with Sister Tomlinson on Friday...it was amazing!! She owns a gourmet pizza joint.  (: and look at her beautiful back yard, too!!!!

Saturday Sister Hansen and I had a dinner appointment in an apartment complex where four or so young couples from our ward live.  So, trying to be logical, we set up an appointment with a new family in our ward that lives there as well so we can get to know them a little bit.  Well, silly me, I forgot to ask there apartment number.  So...I realize this around 330...appointment at 415.  We call.  No answer.  By 4 o'clock we were at the apartment complex and still no word.  We resort to our back up: talk with people at the complex that are outside...(contacting).  Contacting used to terrify me.  But I love it now.  Anyways, we talked with so many people in this gigantic apartment community (kind of like your apartment complex, Stephen and Lauren.)  We found a few people that want to meet with us again...so yay.  God is really in charge.  It worked out perfectly.  The hour flew by and then it was dinner time.
Last night....we were exhausted. Long, hard, amazing week!

Well, that's all I will blabber about today.  I could go on and on and on.  I love my life!!  I am witnessing so many miracles.

Hopefully life is well for all of you.

Love Love Love.

Sister Spring

**(Below is part of her email to me, Mom)**
Let me share an experience with you....
Before transfer meeting, we bring our cars in to be inspected.  So, Sister Carver and I are casually doing the inspection for our car.  My hands are pretty greasy.  I am feeling anxious for my new area.  I have a clipboard and pen in my hands.  When I see out of the corner of my eye, President Sorensen approaching me.  I smile at him.  He sticks out his hand for a shake.  I kindly inform him of the mess on my hands.  He gives me a nice "elbow tap" instead.  Then he says..."Sister Spring, I would just like to let you know that we will be announcing you as the new Training Sister at this meeting.  Will you accept that call?"  (Training Sister is a role of leadership at the Visitors' Center. We prepare training meetings, schedules, resolve concerns.  Basically we are the sites directors assistants.  Hopefully thatmakes sense....I know you hate when I say that...sorry! )  Anyways, I said yes without thinking.  And he walked away.  Myfirst thoughts...YES I am still in the same ward.  YES I know my companion will be Sister HAnsen and I will love her.  YES JONES FAMILY!...then the panic...oh no...responsiblity.  What will the other Sisters think? I am still a baby!!! I have no idea what I am doing out here. lalalalalla.  So far I have survived.
 I just thought you might like to know that. (: