Tuesday, June 7, 2011



What is going on?  I sure do love you.  And I sure do love my life.  Are you sick of me saying that yet?  Hopefully not.  I plan to continue to say it. (:

What a week.  It was long and short all at the same time.  Yes, I am still trying to figure out how that is possible. Or if it even makes sense.  Summer has finally arrived.  Thank goodness.  Schools are getting out around here, and all over the country, which is great for both parts of my missionary work.  More people will be coming to the sites.  That is nice.  I love taking people around these sites.  They are beautiful.  Even more than that I love talking about Christ and the Saint's faith in Him.  It is amazing how everything around us can teach us lessons about this crazy life.  I mean EVERYTHING. And summer also means people are coming out of hibernation.  And they are happier.  And I like summer.

Do you remember Brother Dave?  I have talked about him a few times.  Think back to December...I sent an email talking about a man married to a member, and we set a baptismal date with him for June 17th.  Guess what!?  It is almost June 17th!!  And Brother Dave will be baptized!  This man is amazing.  The past several months have consisted of quitting smoking, being diagnozed with cancer, Chemo and radiation treatments, a new granddaughter, crazy busy schedule, and everything else that life entails.  He is SO ready to make this step of baptism.  Everytime we see him he is BEAMING.  The faith of this man is inspiring.  Seriously.

My teenager seems to be dodging us a little bit...We talk with her basically every day but we only saw her once this week.  She came in to the Visitors Center to watch a movie about the current prophet, President Monson.  Her and her friend loved it.  Unfortunately we have yet to see either of them again this week.  No fear.  We will see her soon.  This girl is the greatest.  Still amazing and I still love her!

Today we helped a woman clean her house.  Some of the others Sisters have been teaching her.  She is preparing to be baptized.  But will wait until she arrives back home in Oregon to do so.  Again, another amazing person I have been blessed to know.  She has been a practicing Muslim for the past seven years.  One day she was driving by the Kirtland Temple and recognized it from a picture she had seen somewhere.  She then drove by the sites and had a desire to stop there.  So she did.  This woman really loves God.  Her life has been spent exploring what He wants her to do.  She is very serious and careful about this search, as she should be.  Anyways, over the past four or five months she has come to know Christ.  It has been amazing to see her grow.  Truly happiness radiates from her. 

These people seriously have my heart.  I wish I could just tell you allllll about them and everyone else we are teaching.  Some day.

In the mean time, just love them because you know I love them.  They are worth all the love...I promise. 


Sister Spring

P.S. To those of you who have so kindly written me: I LOVE YOU!  (: Please forgive me for slacking in my letter response time lately.  Preparation Day's tend to be invaded (willingly) by other activities and teaching and service opportunities.  I am working on letters though.  Truth.