Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hello there Famfam,

Let me start with a story.

Last Friday we woke up to see lots and lots of snow...and still snow coming out of the sky. Good thing we had a meeting to attend...in Cleveland.

We woke up to a flood in our backyard this morning!!! Oh my lanta, lots of water.
The drive which normally takes 35 minutes took us a little over an hour. At this meeting, we were instructed on ways to better ourselves as teachers and to better understand the teachings of Christ with approximately thirty other missionaries and a few of our leaders in the mission, including our Mission President and his wife. Anyways, while at the conference we celebrated the birthdays of missionaries for February and March. The eight or so Sisters and Elders went to the front of the room to retrieve their gifts. One of these Sisters was Sister Manwaring whose birthday is March 8. While doing this they were asked their birthday. Well, when it got to my dear Sister Manwaring she proudly responded "March 5........I mean, 8...my birthday is the 8...the Jones are getting baptized on the 5." It was actually really funny. That Jones fam...always on the mind.

Sister Manwaring and I at the Kirtland Library...thirty minutes ago.  I realized I hardly ever send pictures of the two of us...so here you have it.

Speaking of the Jones baptism, I am so excited for them. They are so excited for them. We were over there yesterday afternoon for Reuben (spelling?) Sandwiches and to discuss the logistics of the actually baptismal service. You know, who will speak, which hymns we will sing, who will say the prayers etc....I love that family so much. They are so great. Just to exemplify a little of how great they are, allow me to share an experiece of Jordan, the fifteen year old. She had quite an experience while babysitting for a neighbor friend the other night. After the parents came home, they completely bombarded her with some common rumors about the LDS faith. She came home to her parents and was not shaken in testimony, rather she was upset that she had been ganged up on by two adults she has been taught to respect. That girl...I learn a lot from her.

I will send pictures of their baptism next week!!! (:

I love you all very very very very much. I think of you often and pray for you every day. Keep doing great things out there in Tejas (or Utah Uncle Joe and family...or Arizona...or Arkansas...or wherever you are actually.)

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Sister Spring