Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hiiiiiiiiii (:

Dearest Family,

How are you? I hear there were family gatherings of sorts this past week. Dad, how was your dinner at Stephen's with Hunter and Parker? How are those boys doing? Is Hunter still down at school? What's Parker doing? Too many questions? (more to come)

And went to Post? How fun! I hope you gave everyone my love. And, of course, took some pictures to share. How's that side of the Texas family? Any news to report on?

Last Sunday at church, a man (Brother Robison) in the ward shared an experience he had with his youngest son, Ira, a sharp 10-year-old. I hope you do not mind if I share this sweet story with you all. You see, Brother Robison had a few people in mind that he wanted to visit on one particular afternoon and found it a good opportunity to also spend time with his boy. When invited to join his dad on this outing, Ira was not exactly excited. There was a little eyeroll or two...and very slow steps towards the door. By the end of the visit to the last home, Ira was smiling and happy and walking with a bit more enthusiasm. He even asked his dad, "Who else can we go see?" Serving brings happiness. I was reminded of you, Mom and Dad, from this story of Ira and his father. Service is a trait the both of you posses. It is a trait that I admire in each of you. It's a trait I have watched you two, Stephen, Grand-ma and Grand-pa, and, you know, the whole family put in to action. I am grateful for the example that you have set for me. There is a neat video that relays a sweet story of two young boys. One desired to play a little prank..the other decided on an act of service. I think you would all enjoy   it...Will you watch it? It is a good one. I made it easy this time...just click on the link. (:    Click:       Young Boy's Story
So...the Jones were baptized on Saturday. Oh my lanta...what an amazing day. This is such a strong family. I love seeing how the gospel of Jesus Christ truly aids in "making bad men good, and good men better." After the baptism I was talking with Jordan (15 year old daughter) and I asked her how she was feeling. In her sweet, simple Jordan way she replied, "Good...really, really good." I can't wait to tell you alllll about them! Hopefully you can even meet them. They do have family in Plano. (: PERFECT! always...I am sending you all my love!! Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for putting up with me all these years. ;) You're great. I love you.


Sister Spring
We went to an activity with the women of the Church a couple of weeks ago with a girl we are teaching.  Her name is Monique...and I absolutely LOVE her.  (:  Her and her boyfriend, Seth, are preparing to be baptized on April 16. precious are they?!?!

JONES all dressed in white!!!!!  back: Bishop Regovich, Joey, Scott, Polly, Jordan, Carl. front: Sister Manwaring, me, and Sister McALISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I missssss her)

Saturdays ago we went to help the Jones with their chores.  Turns out, they have a fun way of doing chores.  Polly makes a list of the things that need to be done.  Then we play a round of cards.  Game of the night...Uno.  Then, the winner stays at the table to shuffle and deal, while the other participants run around to get a chore done.  So fun...and so much was accomplished as well.