Monday, January 31, 2011

Another week full of "best days"

(From Sister Spring's Mom:  She sent this one today and I love this picture.  That really is her blanket her grandmother made her when she was born!)
Baby bottle pop, Baby blanket, Bow

Hola Familia.
I hear congratulations are in order....Stephen...Lauren....Congrats on the twins!!! Good luck with them, too. You sure will be busy ones with the crazy pups. They are mighty cute! How is it going so far?

The "twins" referred to are these puppies, Bella and Hefe.  Her brother had to put down their other dog January 19, due to cancer.  He was just one year old

   Well, I have the best news ever. Yesterday we received a text from Brother Jones reading, "Hey there. Next time you make your way over here, be sure to bring the baptism calender. (: (: (:" In three-ish weeks the Jones family four will be baptized!! I am ecstatic. It has been amazing to see how the coming to know their Heavenly Father really does change people. By no means am I saying that the Jones family was "bad" because they are not even close, nor were they. But their desires are changing. They are more confident and happy and I just love them. Coming unto Christ is for everyone. The Jones family is a testimony of that to me.

Elder Steele, Sister Manwaring, Sister Steele, and me. 

Today we had a "Zone P-Day Activity." A Zone is made up of different "areas" in a mission. Each companionship is assigned to an area. (for example, I am serving in the Kirtland area in the Kirtland it? goooood) Well today we all got together. Our Zone Leaders designated this activity to be a costume and cooking extravaganza. So we, as companionships, dressed up in costume and brought a goodie to share. We made "Special K Candy." A yummy delicacy that we adopted from Sister Steele. We spent much of our Pday at the Steele's home making our costumes and cooking. It was wonderful to be in their home. Elder Steele made us sandwiches for lunch. You see, Sister Steele and Elder Steele are very precious. Poor Sister Steele took a pretty harsh fall two or three weeks ago which resulted in a bruised face and a couple bruised or broken ribs...I can not remember which...neither one sounds appealing to me. Our "costume" was pretty ridiculous. As missions, we talk with everyone about Christ and invite them to learn more about His church. The majority of the time we get a kind "no, thanks." We give them a card which has faces of different people in boxes with a line in the middle that says "" So...we made these "pass along" cards. No worries...I have included a picture. It was a fun time. We played "Knock Out" and Volleyball.     

Sister McAlister, me, and Sister Manwaring as "Pass Along Cards"

Speaking of look at it...right now. In fact, here is a specific video I would like y'all to look at. I love it so much. It is about the new year and looking forward. Some of the video relays the story of Lot and his family found in the book of Genesis in the Bible. To get to the video go to Then there is a link on the top "mormon TV". Then the videos are in alphabetical order...go to the "L's" and find "Look Not Behind Thee." Will you do that? It really is a great movie. Every time I see it I feel so motivated to, simply put, be better.

I feel so flustered for time with only one hour left of PDay and a million things to do.

The most important things for you to know are that God loves you, I love you, and I am happy.


Sister Spring
Sister Mayer, me, and Sister Webb.  The three Texans at our Zone P-Day Activity. (:

Sister McAlister, Sister Manwaring, and me at the N. K. Whitney Store.  The other night we went on a "mock tour" together.  This is the first room of the tour...and one of my favorite rooms, too.  (Okay, let's be honest, they are all my favorite.)