Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekly Report (:

4th of July!  Yum!

Sister Hansen and I at the Kirtland Temple last night.  We had a combined service with the Community of Christ.  It was lovely.
Hi, I love you. It has, of course, been another good week.

Working with members.
That is what we spent doing most of this week.  We only have three people we are teaching fairly consistently right now.  A couple in their early fifties.  And a 19-year-old.  They are all amazing.  And all super busy.  We teach them about once a week.  As you can see, we have a lot of time to fill with finding opportunities. I want to be teaching.  I want to share this message that has brought me so much happiness with everyone.  But, no worries, all is well. 

Both investigator's were introduced to the church through other members in our congregation here.  Sooo...we have decided to focus on meeting with member to encourage them and help them see opportunities to invite people in their paths to this truth.

 The Hunsucker's. This Saturday the two of them will be going to the temple for the first time. I just love seeing this conversion process. It is not an instantaneous thing. It truly is a process that I am still going through every single second. We have to be constantly aware of this process, too. Anyways..love them

One man told us of a co-worker that had randomly started to ask him questions.  We challenged him to give him a copy of the Book of Mormon and explain the importance of it.  So he did.  He explained that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  We study it and know that, along with the Bible, all of God's teachings are contained in its pages.  This man was so excited to receive this gift.  He even said that he would read all of it within a week.

It is really exciting to help members "catch the vision" of missionary work.  I was introduced to my favorite comparison to missionary work while I was in the Young Womens program.  During church one Sunday, a leader compared sharing the good news of Christ and His restored Church to sharing the excitement of a good movie.  How eager are we to talk with our family, friends, coworkers, strangers about the "really good movie we saw last night."  But what about the things that matter most?  How often do we neglect those in conversation?  Yes, I am aware that I am guilty of such actions.  These past few months I have recognized how easy it is to share what is important to us.  The topic comes up so naturally in any conversation.  Thank goodness this life is about progression and I have an opportunity to change.  We all do.  I hope I continue to learn how to share the important things with those around me.  That is how we learn..from each other.  We all have a role and responsibility in Heavenly Father's plan to help His children learn about Him.  We all have a role to reach out to people and help them.  We truly are our brothers keeper.

Sister Spring had a special message on the board.  I cropped the picture below so you all could see it... Mom

This board is in the kitchen at sites. It has all of the Sisters and Seniors who serve at the Visitors' Center. All my best friends! (:

Mom, Dad.  I learned that from you.  You are constantly offering people hope.  Thank you for surrounding me in an accepting environment.  And creating that environment for so many who are "outcasts."

I am happy.  This is exactly where I need and want to be.  Sister Hansen is amazing.  I am constantly learning from her positive, energetic personality.  She is good for me.

I love you ALL!!!!!!!!!
Sister Spring

I love my life!