Monday, February 20, 2012


We went on a trail walk today at the stone quarry (where they got some of the stone for the temple!)  It was a beautiful sunshiney 38 degree day.

So...we heard through the grapevine that the library was closed today....
Only to find out later that they are open....
Due to that little misunderstanding, I have about zero minutes to email.

Let's just make this simple.
I love my life.
We have met some AMAZING people this week.

Okay, how cute is this little angel!! Simone...
one of the little girls from the apartment complex.

I will just leave you in cliffhanger mode....and tell you more about them NEXT WEEK.  (Pday might be Tuesday next week?  I don't is transfer week...thats all I know. already??!?!?!?)


Sister Spring

Snowball fight! Last Tuesday.  Sister Tokunaga from Hawaiiiiiiii. 
Yes, I will be visiting her.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Well hello there my darling family. (:

(side note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAL!!!!!!!!! I don't know if you read this, but just in case...Enjoy your 22nd birthday...I LOVE YOU! Hopefully my little, makeshift card arrived on time.)

This week has been so great.  Hard. And emotionally trying.  And disappointing. And frustrating.  That all comes with missionary work.  But it has still been great.  I see the hand of God.  I see Him working in the lives of those that we meet.  I see Him working in my life to help me.

Here in South Euclid we meet so many people who are willing to at least talk to us.  They, for the most part, love Jesus.  Even the Buddhist man we met Saturday let us right in to his house to talk with him and his elderly mom a little bit about The Book of Mormon.  (turns out, he did most of the talking...but that's okay...he now has The Book of Mormon and wants to read it.) 

The trial?  Follow through.  The perks of serving in the ghetto, as they say. 

We will open up our planners to days fully planned with appointments.

Unfortunately, we are lucky if one or two of them actually go through.

 This week, however, our persistence was justified.  We met with a ton of people that we have been trying to see for like....three weeks.  People who had cancelled appointments or simply stood us up.  And we finally we met with them!  It was awesome!  Just when I felt like giving up on them, Heavenly Father pushed me one more time.  "Don't give up on my children.  They are precious in My eyes.  They are imperfect, just like you are...give them one more chance." 

Thank goodness!

 We finally met with "Mandy".  21.  College student.  Loves to party.  But really wants to strengthen that relationship with God.  She knows the influences at home and within her friend group are not helping in that desire.  She wants to fill her life with things that bring her closer to God.

"Sue".  A single mom. Son-Bryan (11).  Daughter-Simone (8).  Simone was one of the precious girls we met in the apartment complex a few weeks ago. Angela's relationship with God is strong.  She knows prayers are answered because of some very powerful experiences (ex. strangers giving her money when she was wondering how she would get food for her kids; getting custody of her children...)  Her children know very little about God because Angela wants them to make their own decision.  But, Simone really wanted us to come, so she allowed.  OH MY GOSH I LOVE THEM!!  These children are so smart.  SO SO smart.  and kind. and respectful. and..can I keep them?!  Seriously, they melt my heart.  Their questions were so sincere.  As we were leaving, Simone quietly stated with great excitement, "I am going to start"  Angela has some hesitations but is also excited to meet again.  Experiences in the past have led her to be closed to people and religion.  But she said she has a lot to think and pray about...which is great.  As we really take time to ponder and pray, Heavenly Father can then reveal truth to us!  I know that is what will happen with sweet Angela!

"Jan".  Also a single mother.  Javiana and Jazzman from last week.  Her life seems crazy.  Her kids are crazy...but I love them, too.  They are so excited about God and following Him.

Anyways, all I am trying to say is...I love these people.  I am so glad Heavenly Father never gives up on us.  He is willing to give us chance after chance after chance.  I am sure sometimes He gets a bit frustrated (just like I am sure you, Mom and Dad, have been frustrated with me before ), but all He desires is for us to be HAPPY!!!  The commandments He gives us through prophets, modern and ancient, are only to help us attain happiness.  I KNOW that.

All I want to do is help other people know that.  Alas, I can not force any one...they must experience this truth themselves.  Just like I had to.

I love love love love love love LOVE you.

Sister Spring

PS.  HAPPY VALENTINES DAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS.  I will try really hard to send pictures next week...these computers are funky and perhaps not compatible with my camera?  I don't know......anyways, I love you!

I'm all out of clever headlines.

Hellllllo there my darling familia. (:
Here's a continuation of last week. 

     Hopefully this will make sense.  I say that a lot, but I often feel like I do not make any bit of sense as I type these little e-mails to y'all.  Oh well, such is life.

     So....Javiana, on of the little girls.  Her mom had told us to come by on Thursday evening at 6:00.  So we did.  Javiana and her older brother, Jazzman (Jazz Man?, that is not a nickname), came to the door to inform us that their mother was not available to meet right then.  She did, however, tell them that if they could find a friends parents who would let them be taught at their apartment while she was in the bath, she would be fine with that.

I was hesitant.

        We had other people we could see.  And plus, what was the liklihood that someone would let us meet at their apartment?  Javiana started the water was I to say no? 

First luck...heading to the grocery store.

Second try...let us right in.

A precious, little 11-year-old answered the door (later to be called, Jamisha).  Javiana and Jazzman were jumping around like crazy heads (making us much sense as I am in this e-mail).  Jamisha just looked at us confused...

All I could say? .... "Is your mom here?"

So...then comes Jameeka, her mom.  She is amazing.  We explained the situation and she said that we could definitely come in and teach there. 

Which was perfect because she sat in on the lesson with Jamisha.

 Oh I am SO glad that I let go of my pride and let Javiana and JazzMan drag us around the halls of their apartment complex.  Jameeka and Jamisha are incredible!!!!  Near the end of our lesson, Jameeka shared something amazing.  A few days prior to meeting us, she found The Book of Mormon on a bench in their lobby (thank you, Joseph....see last weeks email for a refresher).  She thumbed through the pages and was deeply interested.  She really wanted it but concluded that it probably belonged to someone else.  Well, she got that Book of Mormon she wanted.

Yes, Heavenly Father truly prepares His children to receive His word.  I have seen that time and time again this week.  There are many people who have been praying for guidance or thinking of how they need to strengthen that relationship with God and we "just so happen" to be in the same place and the same time.

No coincidence.

And so you have it, "the rest of the story".

(Well, to be continued still...)

I love you SO much!!  Thank you for all you do for me.  I know I am exactly where I need to be.  And that this is God's work! 


Sister Spring