Monday, February 20, 2012


We went on a trail walk today at the stone quarry (where they got some of the stone for the temple!)  It was a beautiful sunshiney 38 degree day.

So...we heard through the grapevine that the library was closed today....
Only to find out later that they are open....
Due to that little misunderstanding, I have about zero minutes to email.

Let's just make this simple.
I love my life.
We have met some AMAZING people this week.

Okay, how cute is this little angel!! Simone...
one of the little girls from the apartment complex.

I will just leave you in cliffhanger mode....and tell you more about them NEXT WEEK.  (Pday might be Tuesday next week?  I don't is transfer week...thats all I know. already??!?!?!?)


Sister Spring

Snowball fight! Last Tuesday.  Sister Tokunaga from Hawaiiiiiiii. 
Yes, I will be visiting her.